Secret Love

Secret Love

A Story by jackie

this story is about two old friends .


My class reunion had a lot of surprises. I seen a lot of old classmates.Everyone looked wonderful itr looks like life had really been very wonderful to them all. As the festivities winded  down the classmates that were leaving to call it a very late  night were saying their good nights to us that wanted to be brave and hang in there.All of us that stayed boogied ungtil about 3:30 p.m. in the morning.

 I guess we lost track of time reminising and laughing together,really enjoying eachothers company.

Then adam called it a  night we all k now it was time to journey on to our respectable wazys.Once we got outdoors aaron a nother classmate of mine rujns up grabs hold of my waist and spins me around,well hello jade you're a pretty sight for eyes.Hello aaaron didn't see you inside.Oh i was there watching you from the dicstance. I was truly flabbergasted and in awe. May we talk now, there's a outside cafe around the corner that stays open until five p.m. I replied Wow! Toront actually has a cafe that's open this late now?

 You've been away too long. Yes, I have sure let's go get something to eat and catch up eith each other.

Since I was giong to be there for a week I sst a dinner date for the next day ayt a cute little quaint bistro

I saw that on my way to the High School Reuion. I showed up happy and giddy ready to see and hear what the rest of everybody had been up to. I waited at the bistro at the perfec table,perfect spot wigth the perfect atmosphere giong on.I promised nyself I promised myself I would make sure this goes nowhere. But, dinner it was all too

perfect for me.He finally showed up 10 ,mins. late looking debonair and handsome age truly agreed with him.

 I stood up to help hiim with his chair, then I resumed sitting. I guess I  know how to spoil a man. as a hour passed and we laughed, talked lightly drank some wine.He blurted out not to loudly that all he was looking for was a one-night stand. He was defi nitely not in my league anyw3ays with that remark. Dinner ended rather abruptly. Another one down the drain, oh well Ciao Bella

 A week after I got back in New York he got my phone  number from one of the ffemale classmates and called me to

apologize fotr his rude behavior. That he's had a crush on me since high school. I accepted his apologies and newver heard fron him again.

© 2014 jackie

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what do you think of the dialogue.

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Added on April 2, 2014
Last Updated on April 2, 2014
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