A Story by jackie

its about a bi-racial couple that will be together no matter what.


He wasn't at all what i was expecting, he showed up at the reception dressed like a dapper don or mafioso.His suit

looked brand new, cfrisp,and hard pressed, Hed had a baby blue and pink pinstripe shirt to top it off with his black suit. Most of the quests were at full swing enjooying the festivities. Karla a friend of mine said that he was a very sharp dfressing man, a criminal lawyer. That his name is Tito Carillo that he was of  Puerto Ri can decent. I waltzed up to him to introduce myself since harla was on the otherside of the froom mingling wigth the quests. I guess i jhave to do a woman's job all by myself. " Hello i replied,I am Joyce Declaire, one of the quest here , med sister just got married. In case you're wondering."

  Hello he replied, I am Tito Carillo, I am a Criminal Lawyer, is karla here?"I replied," Yes, she is over there talking to some of the other quest." As he stood tnheere trying to mget karla's attention. I excused myself to go get her. Karla reeplied,"Oh,Joyce has my friend arrived yet?" I replied,"Yes, he's over there by the entrance way, I introduced myself and he asked for you, so I came to get you."Thanks hone, Karla replied, He's is very handsome,is he taken by anyone, I replied."

   Karla stood there and started at me foer a longtimed then replied,"Yes,he is, he met me here cause he had to work, but i see he made it." Do you think he has a friend that looks like him, I replied."Karla smiled and said, "ask him yourself you're your own woman. As we approached thois gorgeous specimen of a adanis  they both breakout in a smile and hugged eachother.I replied,"Hello over here, the lonely female persuasion. Karla replied,"Oh,where is my manners?" Tito this is Joyce De claire. "Hello, we kind of met already. " Yes, she is correct,replied Tito. " Well since you too already met, replied Karla."Joyce replied," Brace yourself my new brother in-law is  black. Tito replied," That's refreshing.

   They both giggled and karla grabbed her man by the arm and guided him towards a few other guests. So, he wouldn't feel leftout. Joycew by the way was in the corner near them eyeballing tito like he's the next thing best to a side of thick and hearty beef steak, she's rubbing the rim of her wineglass and looking devilishly at her friends man. Tito happen to be looking aroiund the room when he noticed the way Joyce was looking at him. She slowly glanced around to make sure no one was looking and she quickly licked her lips in a sensous gesture at him.And, he turned back to karla and the guests she was introducing hiim to.


© 2015 jackie

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amazingly written keep it up !!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on May 6, 2015
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