'Monsters': The Tale of Jekyll and Hyde sneak peek

'Monsters': The Tale of Jekyll and Hyde sneak peek

A Chapter by Sarah J Dhue

A sneak peek from Jekyll and Hyde's story within 'Monsters'


“I know you would never hurt me.”  Elsa continued toward him.

“I wouldn’t,” Edward Jekyll said, watching her apprehensively, “but Hyde would.”

“I will never leave your side.  Monster or no monster.  You’re special,” she smiled, new tears rolling down her face as she stroked his cheek, “and you’re mine.”

“Elsa, please,” Edward said, wincing at her touch.  “I have to do this alone, I’ve made up my mind.”

“And I’ve made up mine.  I will see this through with you ‘til the very end.”  Her voice did not waver; it was filled with determination.

“Elsa, please, you don’t understan-” Edward suddenly cried out, falling to his knees and grabbing his stomach.

“Edward!  Edward, are you alright?”  Elsa cried frantically.

Edward gulped in a few deep breaths before answering.  “Fine… I’m just fine.”  Elsa did not notice his change in tone, his disheveled hair.  As he grabbed the counter to help him stand, he kept his face turned downward so that she would not see his furrowed brow and practically glowing eyes.

“Here, let me get you a glass of water.”  Elsa rushed over to the sink, grabbing a glass from the cabinet.

Hyde looked around while her back was to him, noticing the butcher block sitting only a few inches away from him on the kitchen counter.  He slowly removed a boning knife from the block, gripping it tightly in his hand.

“Here,” Elsa turned from the sink with the full glass of water, “this should you feel bett-” Hyde thrust his arm forward, burying the knife in her stomach.  She gasped, the sound barely audible.

The glass slipped from her fingers and fell to the floor, shattering into a million pieces.  The water began to spread across the linoleum floor, making it slick.  Red blood began to drip from around the blade, mixing with the water.  She brought her hand up to the knife handle, her mouth agape in shock as she decided whether or not to pull it out.  She left it, pulling back her now-red hand and looking at Edward in shocked disbelief.  Her disbelief turned to terror as she noticed his creased brow, his vibrant green eyes, his wild hair.  But worst of all was the sneer he wore on his lips as he looked at his handiwork.

His expression changed and he leaned against the counter, shaking his head as if he was trying to get ahold of himself.  When he looked up at Elsa, his eyes no longer glowed and his eyebrows were raised in confusion.  He looked around for a moment, his eyes landing on her and widening.

“Oh God…” Jekyll breathed, gripping the counter tightly, “what have I done?”

© 2015 Sarah J Dhue

Author's Note

Sarah J Dhue
I apologize for the weird formatting, I transferred this specific sneak peek from my NaNoWriMo account. Please review the content! :)

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This is a prime example of a modern re-imagining done right. Oftentimes, authors veer so far away from the original material that the writing loses its purpose.

This is the only Jekyll and Hyde retelling besides the PBS series Arthur, that gives Robert Louis Stevenson's work a fitting tribute.

Keep on writing, Sarah! You do great work!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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