'Monsters': The Tale of Dr. Frankenstein and His Monster sneak peek

'Monsters': The Tale of Dr. Frankenstein and His Monster sneak peek

A Chapter by Sarah J Dhue

A sneak peek from Dr. Frankenstein and his monster's story within 'Monsters'


     Dr. Alexei Frankenstein looked up as the door to the lab flew open and Jesse came stumbling through.  His cheeks were streaked with tears.  Dark blood stained his chin and the side of his shirt.  Coming over the threshold, Jesse’s ankle twisted, causing him to sprawl face first onto the laboratory floor.

     “Jesse, what happened?”  Alexei exclaimed, kneeling to help him back to his feet.

     Jesse sniffed back more tears, letting out a small sob as he held his side with his free hand.  “Am I a monster?”  He asked in between sobs, looking up at Alexei with tear-rimmed eyes, avoiding eye contact.

     Alexei frowned, a deep crease in his forehead.  “No.  No, you’re not a monster.”  He rested his hand on Jesse’s shoulder.

     “W-why do people fear me?  They call me a freak… and a monster.”

     “People are afraid of what is different, what they don’t understand.  You are different, truly one of a kind, even in this diverse world we live in.  The term ‘monster’ is relative anyway.”  Alexei tried to meet Jesse’s gaze, but he was staring down at the floor.  “What do you think a true monster is, Jesse?”

     “…  Bad.”  Jesse replied after a moment.

     “And you are the farthest thing from.”  Alexei smiled reassuringly.  “People are cruel - sometimes they are more a monster than any vampire, werewolf, or shapeshifter.  I’ve been called a monster by some.”

     “But you’re not bad.”  Jesse said, wiping away the last of his tears.

     Alexei’s smile turned morose.  “I have to get back to work Jesse.”

© 2019 Sarah J Dhue

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Added on January 16, 2017
Last Updated on July 16, 2019
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