TM - Ch1

TM - Ch1

A Chapter by AngelBeat

    Love stories, ah yes, another way for a single person to feel lonely. They’re fun to read, but not being able to experience the actual thing can be a bit heart breaking. People always say to me ‘you’ll find the right person’, but will I really? No, I won’t. They’ve been in relationships, where as I haven’t. I’ve given up on the idea of finding ‘my true love’. I’m only 15, but oh well, I have other, more important, things to worry about. “Done.” I set my pen down onto the library desk and stretch my arms out above my head. “Finally.” Sliding back the chair, I grab my bag and take out my English book. I quickly read over my response and slide it into my book. I put my book back into my bag, zip it up and sling it over my shoulder. I look down at my watch, 5:00 pm, wow. I look back up and start weaving my way through the 3 metre high shelves full of books. The entrance starts to become visible and some guy wearing a hoodie leaning against it too. As I walk over I see him move his eyes to me. “Could you please move?” I ask politely.

    “Nah,” he replies.



    Why the f**k not? “Can you move?”

    “N.O. No.”

    “Dude, can you get out of the way?” I ask, not giving a damn whether or not he thinks I’m being rude.

    “I said no, how many times are you gonna ask me?”

    “As many times as it takes,” dumbass.

    “Well too bad, I’m waiting for someone, so beat it.” He looks away from me to the darkening streets outside.

    “How am I supposed to beat it when you’re standing in the way?” I ask, pissed off.

    He quickly looks at me and then outside again. This time someone is out there. “See ya,” he says, then heads outside to another guy with a matching hoodie as well.

    Just after he walks out of the door, I pull the middle finger at him. Tsk, jackass. I walk out of the door and head down the street. The night lights are on already, and all the shops are closed, which is weird for a weekday. It seems like the only thing open was the Library and that didn’t have a lot of people in it either. Hmm.. I turn a corner. I stop for a second when I see those hooded guys again, but start walking. As I near them I see their heads turning to me. Normally when I walk down streets and see people I don’t feel uneasy, I feel perfectly fine, but these guys, they’re different. I quicken my pace as I come within metres of them and my heart starts to beat harder. It’s nothing. Nothing to worry about. It’s fine. It’s perfectly fine. Just as I pass them, one grabs my school bag and yanks me back. “No! Let go!” I yell.

    “Don’t worry Lil’ girl, you’ll be fine with us,” I hear one guy say as he tries to stop me struggling.

    “Yeah, nothing to worry ‘bout.”

    I stop moving when I hear the second guy. It’s the guy from the Library! It’s hard to forget someone’s voice if they’re an a*****e to you.

    I try to turn around and spot their faces. I turn my eyes to the jackass and shoot daggers at him.

    “Ha, what happened to your voice?” I can just see a smirk forming across his face.

    I kick the guy trying to tie my hands and gag my mouth.

    “You f*****g b***h!” he yells at me.

    Hmph. The guy lets go and falls onto one knee. The other one isn’t paying attention, so I start to back up, getting ready to turn around and run away. The jackass tries to help the other guy up. Now’s my chance.

    “Oi! Get her! She’s gonna run away!” the guy in pain tried to yell.

    Just as I start to turn and run, I hear footsteps coming up behind me. Please no.. f**k. I start to run with all my might but it was pointless. The jackass pushes me to the ground. I secure my fall by landing on my arms. F**K! I take a deep breath and try to ignore the stinging of my legs and arms. Just as I do that, the a*****e is right above me. I can see his face fairly clearly now. His eyes are brown, maybe black and his hair looks like a really dark red, like blood. Parts of his hair fall over his forehead and eyes.

    A smirk forms on his face again and I’m pretty sure I’m glaring at him. “What?” he asks with that smirk.

    “Get the f**k off me,” I growl.

    “No,” he replies, “you don’t wanna go through that thing again, do you?” he asks.

    Before I can get my words out, he presses something sharp against the skin of my neck.

    “That’s what I thought.”

    “What do you want from me?” I ask.

    “Why do you keep asking more questions?” He replies, pressing the blade slightly more against my throat.

    “Please don’t,” I beg, putting on my best sad face, even with the tears. He seems surprised. Now. I kick my leg up into his private area and hold in my words of pain. He moves his hand away from my neck, but falls right on me instead. Ugh! Both our foreheads collide. “Get off me,” I mumble. I squirm underneath the weight of his body. “Get off!” I try and move my head to the side and his face falls into the curve near my neck.

    He finally starts moaning and groaning from the pain. “I can’t..” I hear and feel his voice tingle against my skin.

    A wave of heat washes over me. “Well frickin’ try!” I yell. I can feel myself blushing.

    “F**k, I can’t! Will you just shut up and stop yelling in my ear?!” He yells back.

    Hmph. “What do you want from me?”

    “Stop. Just stop. Seriously.”

    Fine then. Hm? I see the other guy getting up, s**t. I try and wriggle my way out again, this time with success. I roll onto my stinging knees and start to get up until the jackass grabs my ankle, then twists it.

    I scream inside and start to cry actual tears. I fall back onto the ground and feel my ankle throb and pain.

    “Good job, but you’re gonna get in s**t from Him.” I hear the other guy say.

    “So what? I don’t care. We have her, he said not to harm her, but how else were we supposed to capture her?” I hear the jackass say as I face the ground, creating a puddle of tears.

    “Whatever man. Are you gonna carry her? Or should I?”

    “As much as I’d hate to, I’ll do it.” He says, then carefully picks me up and hangs me over his shoulder.

    “What do you want me from me?” I mumble into his jersey.

    He doesn’t say anything.

    “What do you want me from me?!” I ask, again, but this time with my head slightly raised.

    Same thing. Silence.

    “Why won’t you answer me?!” I raise my voice a tad.

    He grabs my twisted ankle and squeezes it.

    I bite my lip, but a little sound escapes. Tears start to flow down my face again.

    He squeezes it tighter.

    “Please just stop!” I try to keep my voice from squeaking.


    “Please! I’m begging you!” Pain beginning to show itself in my voice alongside my tears.

    “Oi! Stop hurtin’ her!” The other guy calls back.

    “Tsk, fine,” he then let go “I was just havin’ some fun.”

    Thank you... I bury my face into his clothing and keep silently crying.

    The jackass touches my ankle.

    Not again... Please... I tighten my eyes and wait for the pain, but it doesn’t come.

    You’ll be fine. I hear a voice say. The jackass grips it very loosely, enough for me to feel his touch, and vice versa, but not enough to put me in any pain. A few seconds later I feel this strange feeling flowing through my ankle. The jackass grips it a bit tighter, moves it around slightly and then lets go. Better?

    “What just happened?” I mumble.


    Fine then. I start to feel drowsy. I let out a silent yawn and surprisingly drifted off to sleep.


© 2012 AngelBeat

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