TM - Ch2

TM - Ch2

A Chapter by AngelBeat

    I wake to the noise of scratching. What..? I sit up and look around, my eyelids heavy with sleep. I rub my eyes to get a clearer look of everything. The whole room is made up of metal, even the bed. What the f**k... I look up to where the scratching is coming from; it’s a cat scraping its claws against metal bars. I push aside the white blanket and slide out of bed. I look down at myself and see what a mess I am; dirt and blood stained skin, dirty shorts, slightly ripped shirt, how did that happen? and my face feels all stiff from crying. I look back up at the cat and slowly walk towards it, the cold floor sending shivers up my body. I reach up and try to touch the cat but it hisses at me, scratches my hand and runs away. I instantly draw my hand back to my side and look at it. Blood actually starts to form on top of my skin. 
    “Are you okay?” I hear someone ask and almost hit them when I quickly turn around. “Jesus! Watch it!” 
    Should’ve hit him... “Yeah, I’m fine,” I say annoyed. 
    “You don’t look fine,” he says, reaching towards my hand.
    “Well I am,” I sternly reply, pulling my hand away. 
    “Why are you such a b***h?” he asks me.
    “I was born that way, got a problem?” I reply in a bitchy tone with a smile.
    “Actually yeah, I do. I’d rather not have you bleed to death.”
    I look down to my hand, holy crap! It’s already dripping down my hand! “Why not? You didn't have a problem holding a knife to my neck, or pushing me to the ground, or twisting my ankle.” I say, looking him straight in the eye. 
    “That was different.” He looks away and then down at my hand.
    I move my hand behind my back. 
    “Please! Just let me help you!” He pleads. 
    “Why should I let you?!” I yell.
    “Do you want to die?!” He yells back.
    I look away and mumble “anything is better than being here with you.” 
    “Ugh.” He grabs my shoulders than pushes me onto the bed.
    “What the hell?!” 
    He moves onto the bed and I quickly try to move back without my hand staining the sheets. “Stop it.” My back hits a wall. He keeps coming nearer. “Please stop.” I bring my knees in and shield myself with my hands. He stops when he’s right in front of me. He grabs my bleeding hand and I try to pull it away from him, but he’s way stronger than me. He brings my hand closer to his mouth. “No!” I grab a pillow with my free hand and throw it at him, but he dodges it. He plants his lips on my wound and I feel his tongue slide along it. “NO! Let go!” I scream. He puts his free hand over my mouth. He raises his mouth and starts licking up all the blood covering my hand. All my screams become muffled. 
    When he stops, I notice that there's no wound there anymore. He then encases my hand in his and moves it back to the bed. He looks back at me and I can feel the horror written across my face. He moves closer to me and starts moving his face even more closer. What..Wait, no.. He moves his hand away from my mouth and his eyes move lower for a second, then back up to mine. No... He keeps moving, I can feel his breath against my lips. “No!” I yell and slap him across the face with my free hand.
    “What?!” He yells back.
    “Don’t what?! Kiss you?!” 
    “Yes! Don’t kiss me!” I pull my hand away, freeing myself from his grasp.
    “Why?!” He keeps yelling. “Wait, are you a lesbian?” He whispers.
    “What?! No!”
    “Then why won’t you kiss me?” He raises his voice again.
    “It’s not like I have to,” I state.
    “True, but who would refuse in a moment like that?” 
    “I don’t know,” I sigh.
    “Wait,” a smile spreads across his face, “have you ever kissed someone before?” 
    I don’t say anything, I just glare at him.
    “Oh my gosh! You haven’t!” he yells, laughing.
    “Yeah, I haven’t, happy?” I say quietly, looking down at my hands.
    “Well yeah I’m happy!” He says and a big grin forms on his face.
    “Good to know,” I mumble and get up. I try to walk my way off the bed without bouncing too much and jump onto the floor. 
    I turn around, “why? So you can embarrass me even more?” 
    “What? No.” He says, sounding hurt.
    I turn back around and head for the door. I turn the door knob and its unlocked,lucky. I open the door and walk out, confused as soon as I do. Where am I? 
    Two ways, left or right. I choose right. 
    “Hey! Stop!” I hear him calling out behind me.
    I point the middle finger at him and keep walking. 
    “Seriously! Frickin’ stop!” He keeps calling. 
    I keep walking. Why should I? 
    I hear footsteps quickly coming up behind me. I turn around. F**k! I turn back around and start to walk even faster. 
    He comes up in front of me and pins me to a wall. “Let go,” I growl. 
    “I told you to stop, so stop!”
    “Fine, I've stopped, now what?” 
    He looks down the corridor for a second then back at me. “Play along.” 
    He moves his hands down to my waist and pulls me closer to him, then places his face in the curve of my neck and starts placing gentle kisses. He works his way up to my ear and slightly nips it. I try to resist but its hard. “Play along,” he said, no problem. When a man in a suit passed us, I start to think that maybe that’s why he said to play along. “Hey! Stop!” I whisper furiously. 
    He keeps going.
    “Seriously, f****n’ stop!” I whisper again, but this time I push him away.
    “Why are you always like that? Can’t you be a little fun?” He asks, turning his back to me. 
    Apparently not. 
    Hm? What’s that? I focus on a dark stain on his jersey. Is that from my tears? “Have you changed your clothes yet?” I ask, smiling.
    “What? No, why?” He turns around.
    “Oh, no reason.” I keep smiling.
    “Yeah, sure, no reason.” He mimics, definitely not believing my words. “Well anyway, come on, we have to get you cleaned up.” He takes my hand in his and I don’t pull away this time.    
    If I knew my way around this place, I would leave him
    He starts walking around all these corners for who knows how long, but he doesn't rush. "Are we there yet?" I ask, hoping the answer would be yes.
    We walk past another few doors, then stop. "Yes." He opens the door. A whole lot of mist rushes out. "Come on." He says and pushes me through the door. My clothes start to cling against my skin and I can't see anything. I hear water, splashes, and low voices.
    "Are we-"
    He keeps pushing me until I hit a wall, "ow..." I then hear a click. "What're you doing?" I turn around and ask.
    "Can you please be quiet? There are guys in this place ya know." He whispers furiously. 
    I have to squint just to make out his face. Whoa! He's really close to my face, just like on the bed. "Why am I here then?!" I answer back. 
    "There's only us guys in this place, you're the only girl, so we don't have a showering area for girls."
    My jaw drops. Seriously?! 
    "You're lucky we came now, everyone is leaving." He says. He reaches behind me and turns a handle, releasing water upon us. It's surprisingly warm. "Hurry up."
    "What?" I wrap my arms around myself. 
    He starts taking off his hoodie. "Undress." 
    "What?!" I almost yell.
    "Do you really wanna be like that?" He says.
    Ugh, no.
    "Undress." He throws his hoodie to the ground. 
    Wow. His hair is dark red! The waters already soaked it so its hanging just over his eyes. He's got muscles, you can barely tell though. The water already drenched his singlet and his slight abs are showing through. He's standing so close.
    He takes off his singlet. I turn around. "What?" 
    "Nothing." The warmth of the water doesn't help the blush creeping over my face. 
    "Undress then. If you don't. I'll make you."
    "You wouldn't dare."
    "Wanna bet?" 
    I turn around, knots beginning to form in my chest. "Turn around then." I try to glare at him.
    "Fine." He turns around.
    I slip off the watch I forgot I was wearing, throw it to the ground. I struggle my way out of my t-shirt and drop it to the ground with a slosh. I take off my singlet and do the same. I keep my shorts on and, luckily not transparent even in the water, bra on. I slide off my shoes and move them to the side.
    "Done," I mumble, "happy?" I cover myself with my arms.
    He turns around, looks me over head to toe. "Yep," he says with a smile, meeting my diverted eyes. "Now, come here," he says, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me into his chest.
    "No," I try to wriggle, "let go."
    He moves his hands down my back. "Let the f**k go!" I say furiously.
    He lets go, "you're no fun."
    "Yeah? Well do you expect me to take stuff like that from someone I don't even know?!" I keep my arms around my body and turn my back to him. 
    "My name is Daniel, is that good enough?" He says in a low voice.
    "It's a start." I mumble back.
    "I'll be waiting outside, hurry up and finish cleaning yourself."  
    I hear a click. I turn around. A knot forms in my stomach. Guilt. I do as he says then turn the water off. "Hey, are you there?" I whisper near the door.
    "Could you pass me a towel? I whisper, a bit embarrassed. 
    "Sure." Within a few seconds the door unlocks, opens and Daniel is there holding a towel. He doesn't look happy. 
    The knot becomes tighter. I reach out to the towel, grab it and get pulled in again. 
    "Please just let me have this moment." Daniel whispers, crushing me against his body.
    "Just stop it." I push him away again. I dry myself as much as I can with the towel then wring the water out of my clothes left on the floor. I put my watch back on, wrap my clothes up in the damp towel and take my shoes in my hand. "Can we go now?" I ask. 
    He says nothing, he just turns around and starts walking. 
    I'll take that as a yes. 

© 2012 AngelBeat

Author's Note

=_= I am going to edit this.. Word is no longer available for me, so I had to use WordPad (Office Open)

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