Chapter Six

Chapter Six

A Chapter by Strigoikillerr

I grabbed my key from underneath the placemat and unlocked my door. I wanted to shower and gather my thoughts about this new Crave situation. Water always relaxes me. That is when it's not tempting me to turn into a fish.

I had no idea what I was supposed to do about Jack. I guess I could pick his brain for any memories of his Nymph parent. Surely there had to be something. Even just a flash of his/her face would be immensely helpful. I pulled open the bathroom door, thinking.

“What the hell?” I muttered, breathing hard. I flinched and slammed the door shut. I braced my back against the door, glancing around warily. Had I just saw what I thought I saw? I took a deep breath and tried again. I slowly walked into my bathroom, staring at the horrific scene in front of me.

On my mirror were five terrifying words painted in red.

I know what you are.

I repeated those words over and over in my head, staring at the dripping paint. I hesitantly moved closer to my mirror and examined the red paint. Oh, my God. That wasn't paint. That was blood. Those words were written in someone's blood.

I jumped into action as I searched through every square inch of my home. I walked in my bedroom and glanced at my closet. I was half expecting a crazed serial killer hiding out in there, but when I opened it, I just found my perfectly organized shoe collection and all of my clothes. I opened my drawers, relieved to see that my undergarments were folded just the way I remembered.

I went to my kitchen next. It seemed that all of my knives were untouched from the intruder. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. I may be immortal and heal quickly, but I could still die like anything else. It would be hard to do, I'd have to have like several rounds of bullets to my head or stabbed repeatedly before I could heal in time. I was glad whoever broke into my house didn't have my kitchen knives with the intentions of stabbing me to death.

After a thorough investigation of all my belongings, I realized that the intruder hadn't taken anything. He just left a creepy message smeared in blood on my bathroom mirror like a psychopath.

Lexi suddenly crawled out from underneath the couch to greet me. I was relieved to see that she hadn't been harmed. I wonder if she saw the stranger in the house and had hid? An idea suddenly came to mind.

“Lola, someone has been in our house. Do you remember who it was?” Talking to a betta fish is never a good sign. I focused all of my energy on the small fish. My eyes narrowed in acute concentration, straining my telepathy to new limits.

Food. Her mental voice was a quiet whisper fading out. Holy crap. I've never been able to hear actual phrases from a fish. Usually it's more like emotional messages.

A Stranger was here. Remember their face, Lola. I demanded telepathically.


No. Not food. What did the stranger look like? Think Lola. I narrowed my eyes, focusing everything I had on that betta fish. I felt like she should physically be able to feel all the psyche energy projecting towards her. I definitely could.


This was utterly pointless. I groaned and left her mind. I rubbed my temple in frustration, trying to alleviate the sudden headache that flared up. It was my own damn fault that this happened. I should have kept my house key with me like a normal person. Although, it wasn't the intrusion that bothered me. It was the chilling message.

I know what you are. I was throwing around several possibilities for the reasoning behind this message. It could just be some stupid kid trying to scare me, though that didn't really seem likely. This wasn't just a random statement. It seemed pretty direct.

I know what you are? The only explanation I could think of is that someone knows that I'm not human. Someone who probably isn't human themselves. Someone like Meredith's brother, Jack.

He certainly seemed smug as I left his house, though that's not really enough evidence to be condemning. He appeared to be genuinely shocked by my reaction at his house today. And he definitely wasn't thinking about killing me. He even liked my weird blue hair.

Maybe Jack is really skilled at hiding his thoughts around me. It's hard, but definitely doable. Which means that he'd have to know enough about me to know that I could read minds. It's not like I share that information openly with people.

The thought of a Crave stalking me made me shudder. Eight Sirens and plenty of Mers have been killed by them over the years. One foolish Siren named Lucicia was killed by a human after the Nymphs and Craves vanished, but I'm not even going to get into that story right now.

Whoever broke into my home was trying to mess with my head and knew far too much information about me to just be an innocent human bystander. I was almost positive that whoever wrote that message on my bathroom was something supernatural, and I intend to find out who it was. Whoever did this has just messed with the wrong Siren. No one breaks into my house and gets away with it.

© 2012 Strigoikillerr

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Ooh now things ae getting tense. i died laughing reading what that fish was thinking. XD she should have just gave it some food and then read its mine. Of course pets are always thinking about it. (At least thats what i assume.)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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11 Years Ago

Good point. Lylie should have definitely fed Lola before trying to read her mind. :P

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