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A Chapter by texasjane

“Naomi, it is so good to see you again.  You are right this is a big place.  I was greeted by a squirrel riding a llama.  They unlatched the gate, let me in then while the pig, goats, and a couple of birds looked us over, they put the gate back and latched it again.  It was hilarious to watch.”

“Geeze.  Bruce is in for a surprise.  Make sure to tell him not to wear his uniform home.  The llama has a thing about uniforms.   He will spit on anyone wearing one.  It has something to do with the cops who came and got the body of the previous owner.  The llama blamed the uniforms for her passing.  Anyway, his name is Loverboy.  The squirrel’s name is Oscar.  The African Grey parrot is Tarzan, the potbellied pig is Hamstring.  I can go through the introductions later but that will at least get you through the basics.  There is a miniature horse and two miniature donkeys as well.”

“Come on and walk.  It is about a quarter of a mile from here to the front porch.  Or this fork will take you to the pond.  You can kind of see how it is all divided up from up here.  There are vegetable gardens over there.  Some pear trees, apple trees, and peach trees over there.   I believe we also have Maple trees, pecan trees, some miniature orange trees, and I think they are trying for avocados and limes as well.  The greenhouse is full of tomato plants and all sorts of zucchini, squash, onions, carrots, and I believe some pepper plants.  Hot pepper, I might add.   Angela, I have never had so much fun getting to know a place.  This place is almost completely self-sufficient.  They even grow their hay.  There is no wheat for making bread.  However, there are enough oats, corn.  Lots of cornmeal so lots of cornbread.  It is the peanuts they go through.  It seems every animal considers them a treat, especially Oscar the squirrel and Loverboy, the llama. The horse prefers apples.  They have 500 pounds of peanuts delivered each month.  And that is not the best of it… They run out of 500 pounds every month too.”

“Geeze, Louise.”

“Sorry, I did not mean to shove you just now, but you were about to step into some mess.  You will learn to wear boots and carry a scooper to get any major deposits off the pathways.”

“Geeze.  How long did you say you had been here?”

“Only about three days.  My brother was able to bring me almost immediately, so it has been about three days.”

“Geeze.  You sure got acquainted fast.”

“I had to.  I got to know the animals because I had to feed them all.  The books and instructions are extremely well kept and clean.  I just turned to the tab I needed, and everything is cross-referenced.”

“Trained farm animals?  Bruce will like that for sure.”

“You don’t know the half of it.  These were all rescues and worked with the Chief of Police in a small town not far from here.  The squirrel helped shut down and an animal kidnapping ring not long ago.   The llama even helped capture a man that had been robbing the grocery stores all over East Texas.  I would say we are in good hands just being here.”

“Geeze.  What is the house like?”

“It is the old-fashioned farmhouse.  However, they did modernize a bit. There is an elevator from the living room to the crow’s nest they call it.  That is where the parrot stays.  He sings opera by the way.  He is a real character.  He can make a sound like a siren when there is an alert.  All the rooms are very large.  Especially the kitchen and dining area.  It looks like they used to let some of the animals eat at a table of their own in the kitchen.”

“Wow. Look at this porch.  I could sit out here all day and enjoy just the view.  Bruce did well when he found this place. For sure.  I see no reason we can’t follow through and let your brother start moving us as he wants as long as he is finished by the time I’m headed home from the hospital with my babies.”

“I see no reason why that cannot be accomplished.  If you want, I will go over and help you back boxes so we can get them labeled according to the room they go into.  It makes unpacking a lot easier.”

“You need to go in and put on some boots before we look at any more of the property.  The barn needs some work.  I want you to see the pond and enjoy what they have done with the area around it.   There is a crystal and butterfly sanctuary there.  It is beautiful too.  Whoever had this place sure loved it.  I also hear there is a vet who lives at the corner of one of the orchards.  He has the one who took care of most of the animals.  There is also a retired New York cop that lives out here too.  I don’t know the story yet, but it should be a good one.”

“Okay, let me go put on some boots and I will meet you in the kitchen.  We will have a snack before we head out.”

“What is all that commotion?  I never heard so much racket.  I love having these windows so high up here.  It is Bruce at the gate.  That llama is spitting on him, and that parrot is sounding the alarm.  Oh, my.  Those goats will not let him out of his car.  Every time he opens the door to get out, they butt it closed again.  That squirrel is waving his hands and doing a little dance on the llama’s back.  There is another llama.  Now the donkeys are getting in on the act.   We best go down and save the big bad detective from his security force.  Ha, ha.  Can’t stop laughing”

“Help, Help.  Angela, are you here?  Stop laughing.  What is going on around here? I was told there was a welcoming committee, but I never expected something like this.”

“Naomi, I will leave you to make the introductions.”

“Loverboy, stop that.”

Angela and Bruce both watch as she puts her fingers around his snout.  His red baseball cap and floppy ears give him a very comical appearance.  His big buggy eye disappears behind his lazy eyelids.  He winks and then stops making his next spitball.  Tarzan is now on the top post of the gate still sounding the siren.  Oscar is jumping up and down. They continue to watch as Naomi continues to hand out the different prices of admission to each committee member.  Oscar and Loverboy get peanuts, the Hamstring gets chunks of pumpkin, the donkeys get half an apple each.

“This is one heck of a security system.  All I got to remember is what to feed it.  I think you will be safe here Angela.  I am not too sure about my uniform.  Tell me.  What do you think so far?”

“Bruce, I love it.  You best go upstairs and put on some boots.  I got mine on.  You will be able to join me on my first tour of the grounds.  Our children are going to love growing up in a place like this.  Come here.  Stand right here.  From here you can see the different gardens, part of the orchard, and that path there goes to the pond.  I have not seen the barn yet.  Wait till you see this house…”

“I would settle for a kiss.”

“You got it.  Lots of them.”

“You two love birds want to explore the property alone?  If you, do I need to warn you about some of the pitfalls as you go.”

“No, Namoi.  I just have not seen my beautiful wife all day. It is half-past kissing time and time to kiss again.  I have my priorities straight.  I know I got to kiss her before I do one more thing.  Angela, how is this on your legs?   The doctor did say you were to put your feet up.  As big as you are I am afraid you will strain something.”

“Geeze.  I will admit there is a bit of a strain but that is because of trying to rush down here to save you.”

“Why don’t we head to the house.   We can have some supper I can rub your feet and we can do our tour tomorrow.”

“If Naomi joins us for dinner and she can fill us in on what we have gotten ourselves into here.”

“Great.  I will go in and change clothes and meet you in the smaller dining area.  I think I got some lemonade made as well as some coffee, hot chocolate, and herbal tea.  I was not sure what you all preferred.  I knew with the pregnancy not to do anything with alcohol.  Bruce you and Angela did a good job.  This is a wonderful little farm.  My children and yours will flourish.   The security force may be unusual but for some reason they make me feel safe.”

“I understand, Naomi.  Let’s head for the house.”

Naomi watched as the two lovebirds held hands as they made their way up the path towards the house.  Bruce’s eyes went wide when he got to the porch.  How many front porches are big enough to house four picnic tables, four park benches, a dozen birdhouses on poles, and all those lounge chairs?  You could have a party on the porch complete with two smokers and a charcoal grill.  Wait till they find out the porch wraps around the whole house and there is another porch just like this one on the backside overlooking the barns and corrals.  Naomi heard her babies waking up and knew it was time to be a mommy again.  Her sister had worked out very well.  She came with the property too.  Her name was Becky.  She is a little person.  Her father had been a caretaker here for many years before he died in an auto accident. Her mother, her father’s sister, and the previous owner had worked towards turning the barn into a training center for little people.  That is why there was a classroom in the barn.  Sidekick belongs to Becky.  Very sweet girl. Right now, I want to get my babies and pass out some kisses myself.

“Becky, they slept today.  I am so glad.  They did not get much rest during the move.  Do you mind moving into my little cabin with me?  It would make my job here easier, and I know now I can count on you to keep the babies safe.”

“Yes, Miss.  I was hoping I would be able to stay on here.  This is the only place I have ever known.  I guess you could say I grew up here.”

“Do you mind watching the little ones again tonight?  I need to help the new owners get to know some of the livestock and some of the neighbors before they start exploring the property tomorrow.  They will need to meet the vet and that retired New York cop and his new wife.  If you can do that tonight, then I will introduce you tomorrow and let them know you will be living with me.  How’s that?”

“That would be very good.  They need to know that Sidekick belongs to me.  There is also an owl that lives in the tree at the pond.  She keeps the snake population down.  Some good places around the pond can be scary if you don’t know they are there.  A big rabbit hole for one and a root that grows under the water.  You don’t know it is there until you get partway up the tree and fall in the pond.  There is a sign that is posted but some people still panic when they fall into the pond.  Please don’t be alarmed.  There are only three feet of water.  All ya’ gotta do is stand up.  You are wet but not going to drown.”

“I see what you are talking about, Becky.  Maybe you best come with us tomorrow.  That way I won’t forget anything.  This lady is very pregnant with twins.  She is due in two weeks, so we must be very diligent about knowing where she is, always.  I have my van full of gas and ready to go, complete with all she will need at the hospital.”


“Becky, please call me Naomi.  I hope our relationship will be one of friendship or like sisters.  I know I am older than you, but we are both here because we need to be here.  We have that in common and I think we can build upon that.  Is there anything you would like to study while you are here?  I know this was to be a school for little people.  Do you still want to pursue, that or do you have something else in mind?”

“Please do not laugh at me, but my favorite TV show was the NCIS shows.  I love the computer expert that always helps the detectives figure out all the angles of a case.  I enjoy putting all the puzzle pieces together.  I don’t have to be tall to do that.  I do have to sharpen my computer skills and learn a few new ones.  I think I would be good at that.”

“Then I think we should also make sure you get some computer classes and maybe a grant to go to college to pursue forensic science and computer science.  What do you think about that?  I can help you get there.  I worked as a school counselor before my husband and baby were killed.  My whole world changed after that.”

“It sounds wonderful.  If you could show me how to do all that I would gladly help you take care of your babies and take on any duties around here that you need me to do.  It would be a good trade for both of us.  I know all about things that happen and suddenly your entire life is different.  Let’s shake hands on it.”

“Heck, Becky, let’s hug on it.”

“I have left some soup you can microwave if you want it.  I will also be bringing home some leftover food from the house.  Later this week we will go to the grocery store and fill up our pantry.  Right now, I am going to help you feed the kids then I am going to help you bathe them and let them play some quiet games in the nursery while I go visit with the owners.  When it starts getting dark outside, I will start back home so I can put them to bed.  You might want to set up the DVD player so they can watch some of the children’s stories they like so much.”

“I think I can handle it if you want to go on.  I will heat the soup and eat it first.  When I wake them, I can give them some of the soup too.  Bath time can be a playtime too.  We will be fine if you want to go get started with your meeting.   I guess I just want everything with the new owners to go well.”

“Did you know the new owner is a police detective?”

“Wow, that is remarkable.  This is where I belong.   I sure hope he likes me.  I mean some people take one look at my size and turn off or think I don’t have a brain.”

“Bruce did not strike me as that type of person.  His wife Angela is as sweet as she is pretty.  She loves to teach but she teaches children with learning difficulties.  So, there will be no judgments there.   I think it was because of her that I did not mind bringing my down syndrome babies here. I knew she would be willing to help me.  I was right.  She has a good heart.”

Naomi started down the path towards the house.  She lets her mind wander over the last few weeks.  Losing her baby and husband at the same time in such a bizarre way.  What could have led him to grab that newborn and run into traffic?  Then to find herself unable to work with still two little ones at home and in a money crunch.  The insurance they had on her husband had a suicide clause.  So, of course, they declared it a suicide.  The officer in charge of the investigation has a wife, who is pregnant and needs help.  I needed a place for me and my babies.  Becky needs a place to grow and develop her talents and skills.  Bruce has lost children at birth and even a wife to suicide. He needs to heal.  I guess a little thank you is in order right now. Bruce and Angela have answered their prayers by also answering a few more.  I guess Karma works anonymously, good and bad, but anonymously.



One more time before I send you off into cyberspace.  I have the two new incubators being delivered.  I have the arrangements for the purchase of the two babies, the payment site and amount have been negotiated.  I have arrangements for the purchase of a house in Bhutan along with the furniture and everything to make it ours.  I have decided to set fire to everything in my current house to make sure any evidence goes up with it along with Ferguson.  It is better that way.  I do not plan on coming back to the states.  I gotta make sure I have the dress code and all that sorted out.  Looks like a new wardrobe for Tayor and me both.  Imagine living someplace that does not allow jeans, unbuttoned jackets, or t-shirts.  No flip flops, hats, or short skirts or shorts at all for that matter.  I will like not to have any traffic lights.  They also do not have any extradition back to the states.  Even if something should go bad, we can take one of the only eight pilots that can fly into Bhutan and be safe from capture.

Now, I need to concentrate on the plan to get the babies into the incubators and out of the hospital.  I will have Ferguson put them into the fourth-floor delivery, supply closet.  There is a testing station inside the closet so the equipment can be tested before use.  When I get there with the babies; I can pop them inside and turn them on.  Then I can leave, use the stairs to go down two floors, and arrive asking for the babies so I can put pinks id’s on, and that when chaos will erupt when everyone looks and realizes the babies are not in the incubators but gone.  Code pink goes out.  By this time Ferguson will have removed the other two incubators and have everything waiting for me in the van.  I spend another hour helping in the search and giving statements.  Then I make an excuse to leave for a few minutes and take off.  I jump into the van and proceed to my house.

I will load the last of the things I need.  Then when Ferguson gets ready to get paid off, I will kill him and set up a bomb to go off after I have left.  That will set fire to the house and hide anything I might have forgotten.  I am still debating about how to kill Ferguson.   I can’t just knock him out and hope he does not come to before the bomb goes off.   Maybe I could use an old-fashioned fertilizer bomb.  It would look accidental that way.  The fertilizer could get too close to the heater.  Hay, that would work.  I could use the shovel and hit Ferguson right in the throat.  Kill him.  Leave the shovel in place in his throat as if the explosion caused it to do that.  Yeah.

I pack everything I need to take care of the trip to Bhutan, to deliver the babies, to carry the money, and to get everything in place. I will not go get Taylor until everything else is done.  I will get him on my way to the airport for Bhutan.  I hope it will be easy to book a flight with the Drukair, it goes directly into Bangkok.  Their flight schedules could mess up everything.  Should I have another plan in place?  Just in case?  If she has babies at the hospital; then I take them there.  If I must wait, I can snatch them through that window at their apartment.  Either way, I will still need the incubators to transport two newborns. 

The backup plan will be to wait until they get the babies home and snatch them the old-fashioned way through that window in the nursery I saw.  That sunny little corner window will be perfect for that.  I must wear gloves and still have the incubators in the van to use for transporting them.  It is risky because they might see me.  Maybe I can wear a disguise of some sort.  A wig, some false eyelashes, and some double-breasted pantsuit in black.  Wear my hair down instead of in this tight braided bun.  A wig would allow me to change my look completely.  I could become a red had instantly.  Katherine glanced at herself in the mirror and giggled. Then she looked at the reflection staring back.

“You are talking about changing the lives of so many people in exchange for two million dollars.  Why hurt Bruce again.  He has always been fair to you.  Even when you were young and suddenly wanted a divorce.  He just wanted you to be happy.  He even paid for everything so you would not have to take yours out of savings.”

“Simple, he did not fight for me.”

 He just said, “Okay, if that is what you want.”  He did not even bother to find out I had miscarried his baby.  I never told him.  He just let me go like I was so much dirty.  Why should I let him keep what he made me lose?  I guess it was not his fault.  I never told him anything.  After all this time.  I guess I have always loved him.  I have his only son and his firstborn son.  I have watched so many of his children being born.  They are all very pretty.  He can always make more.  I can’t.

Back to work old girl.  I need to make sure I list all the contact information for the buyers, drop-off spots, the money pickup spots, you know all the stuff that is hard to keep in your head.  I got the airlines, the account numbers in case I need to do a quick wire transfer.  I will send myself some throwaway phones, just in case, I need them.

Our next few scenarios have to do with that farm they bought.  I do not know where it is, but I am sure Bruce will let me know or even give me a ride there.  If they have the babies out at the farm, I should be able to get ahold of them and disappear rather quickly and get far away. I can leave the incubators running on backup batteries, in a van on a side road. 

Once I get all these files downloaded, I can send them via email to my home computer.  That way I can grab it from even a cell phone.  Especially if I send it to a cloud.  I can delete it as each task is complete.

Once I retire then I can start doing good stuff and ensure some good Karma.  I just gotta retire first.  I better get in touch with Bruce to make sure they have not made any last-minute changes like delivered early.  Then I can start working on helping Angela.  I make sure they see me helping anonymously.

I sure am glad I checked.  It seems our babies are all moved to the farm.  I gotta find it.  That should make it much easier.  Wait till early morning and snatch both babies while everyone is still asleep.  I can take them out a backway and disappear.  No one will be around to stop me.  No one on a farm gets up that early. No pigs or cows are going to stop anything.  I wonder if they have a dog.  I bet they do not.  No dog.  No threat.  I better check just the same.  I will have Bruce send me a map of how to get there from the hospital.  Then I can decide the best snatch place. 

© 2021 texasjane

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