A Chapter by theladygraceling

is next to his father.
I see him next.
It's been a while since I've seen him
because he's been at college.

looks different.
His hair is longer.
He looks more muscular.
He's tanner.
He has intentional stubble.
And instead of his usual faded jeans and bleach stained t-shirt,
he has an ironed shirt,
a perfectly knotted tie,
and shiny, black shoes.

doesn't look like his parents.
His hair is combed.
His eyes don't look so bruised.
He stands up straight
and greets everyone like everything is okay.
From the outside he looks fine.
But I know him well enough
to see what's on the inside.

who used to drive us to the movies
and buy us ice cream
looks so sad.

is doing his best not to show it though.
He needs to be strong for his parents.

doesn't hug me like everyone else
when I walk up to him.
Instead he holds out his hand.
I stare at it for a long time
before I take it.
I don't say anything
but I'm happy he remembers
how much I don't like being hugged.

It's a nice, familiar smile.
It's friendly and warm
but it gives me chills
because with his crooked smile,
and his blonde hair,
and his sharp nose,
and with his brown eyes,
and the slight gap between his front teeth,
he looks too much like her
for me to feel comfortable.

says, "Nice to see you,"
as he shakes my hand.
His voice cracks
but he covers it up
by clearing his throat.
His eyes start to water
and he drops my hand to wipe them.
Maybe I remind him of her too much too.

At any other time I might have laughed.
It was kind of funny
in a terrible sort of way.
I have never seen a quarterback cry before.

© 2014 theladygraceling

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Added on May 18, 2014
Last Updated on May 22, 2014
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I am seventeen years old. I have always loved reading and have recently started writing my own stories. I also enjoy drawing and sculpting, have taken piano and violin lessons for 10+ years, and have .. more..

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A Chapter by theladygraceling