The Pumpkin Patch

The Pumpkin Patch

A Chapter by Wendy Seames Garner

What was I doing, walking through the pumpkin patch on that dark Halloween night? I thought it would be safe enough, until I tripped on a vine.


What was I doing, walking through the pumpkin patch on that dark Halloween night? I thought it would be safe enough until I tripped on a vine. Down I went, arms flailing, right on top of a small pumpkin, smashing it to pieces. 

Smashing Pumpkins, great! Look at the disgusting pumpkin guts all over my costume, and I've torn the leg, too!

Pushing myself up off the ground, I gingerly stepped down on my left foot. 

Hope I didn't sprain it. Now I'm going to be late for the party! 

Brushing pumpkin guts from my costume, I made my way across the patch, being a little more careful where I stepped. 

Not too bad, maybe they won't notice that tear.

The sky was pitch black, the sickle moon hidden behind thick clouds. Brr, going to be frost on the pumpkin tonight. A gust of wind nearly knocked me over. Where did that come from? What was that noise, it sounded like a voice in the wind. I took a few more steps but stopped in front of the biggest pumpkin I had ever seen. You must be the "Great Pumpkin,” I grinned.

"Yes, I am" whispered the wind.

"What the," I cried out loud, stumbling back away from the giant pumpkin.

"Murderer, you killed one of my children," roared the wind!

"I...I...didn't mean to,".. I stammered, "I tripped on a root."

"Silence," boomed the voice!

"I'm sorry, what can I do to make amends, " I sobbed.

"Next Spring, and every Spring after that, for as long as you shall live, you must till an acre of land, and plant it with pumpkins," he commanded, "or I will visit you, and extract my revenge!"

I ran from the patch, never looking back! Something grabbed me, and I felt a searing pain. Blood ran down my arms. Finally, I was released from what I now saw was a raspberry bush. Breathless, I stumbled into the house.

Everyone was staring at me.

Are you all right? What happened?” they asked.

Looking down, I saw that my pirate costume was blood-soaked and shredded. 

What do I tell them? They will never believe me. They'll think I'm crazy!

“Like my costume?
I thought it would look more authentic if it were torn and bloodied.

Great costume, Tom, I really thought you had been hurt or something,” Sam said with a look of disbelief.

I didn't stay long at the party. I gulped down a glass of cider and swallowed a bit of donut, but it stuck in my throat.

You know, I'm really not feeling well. I think I'll call it a night,” I whispered to Jane.

I made a hasty departure. Running home, in the middle of the road this time. I glanced over my back every few now and then. BEEP! I nearly jumped out of my skin, and just avoided being hit by an old pickup. The old man shook his fist at me as he skirted around me.

Finally, home! 

I locked the door, making sure the deadbolt was in place. Then, I went around checking all the doors and windows, turning on all the lights. In the bathroom, I eyed the shower curtain with suspicion, before taking a quick shower to wash off the blood. I spent the night huddled under the covers of my bed like a child.

From that day forward, the past fifty-two years, I have planted a pumpkin patch. That is until this year... this year, I was physically unable to plant my pumpkin patch. As I lay in my hospital bed this Halloween night, I tremble remembering that night, so many years ago. I can hear the wind rising outside the window now.

Is that a voice? It sounds like...I am coming!

© 2017 Wendy Seames Garner

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An acre a year... yikes ! That's a lot of pumpkins ! A very cool story Wendy !

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Tegon Maus

3 Years Ago

Do you have a Kindle?
Wendy Seames Garner

3 Years Ago

Yes, that is what I'm using right now.
Tegon Maus

3 Years Ago

Good to know... send me a note and I will send you a kindle copy of whatever you would like.

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1 Review
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