Unspoken Rule

Unspoken Rule

A Story by Jonathan Biswell

Before you read this please read Blind Love and no this is not a epilogue...that will come later


Everything was going well at Raven High preps still think they rule the school, jocks acting like cavemen etc. At all high school they have rules that everyone follow even the teacher follow some of the rules now there is a new rule in the book that everyone know, don’t mess with Justin… Noah boyfriend. Why would you do something he could convince a druggie to go to rehab


 Sadly no one told Lance that rule…


Lance came around mid-way through junior year and he already had plans to rule the school and become the most popular guy in school he heard that Noah was the most popular guy in school so he already had plans to become friends with him. Luck for Lance he was in most of his classes and so was that “blind” kid Justin. Lance hated him because any time that retard walked into the class room the other kids forgot about him and swarm Justin like he was famous or something


He did not hate a specific thing about him he hated everything about that kid: his innocence face, his big brown eyes, his shiny blonde hair, his smile he hated the whole damn package. He also hated the fact when every that kid came into the room Noah was glued to the hip; in order for his plan to take over the school he had to replace Justin quick, The next day while Lance was walking to his next class he had been paired up with the freak


            “Hey” Justin said with one of his famous smile Lance just ignored him


            “So how long have you been bending over for Noah” Lance said in a harsh whisper


            “What do you mean…” his face becoming bright red


            “You know you are nothing special just a quickie for Noah one day he will just leave you and never look back” Lance added in a harsher tone when he notice that tears were forming in his eyes Lance thought he push a little harder


            “let me guess you thinks he loves you well you are wrong…I have a feeling that you are one of those kind of teenager that would try and kill themselves let me just say that he would not care if you killed yourself I bet he would not even shed a tear” Lance added in a harsher tone then an evil smile appeared on his face when he saw Justin get up and quickly headed to the bathroom to cry his eyes out not before Lance quickly decided to trip him a nice bruise appeared on his face, then the bell rang and Lance quickly headed to his next class to see Noah what Lance did not see what Luna giving him the evil eye


Noah was sitting down with two trays of food one for him the other for Justin he quickly spotted them slowly walking over to the lunch table with a huge smile on his face but that quickly faded when he notice Justin had an ice bag to his face and he also notice Justin puffy eyes. He quickly ran over to Justin and wrapped his arms around his angel which cause Justin to cry even harder, to say that Noah was mad is an understatement of the century he was ready to kill who ever made his angel cry and bruise him


            “Shhh everything will be okay I am here now” Noah whispered into his lover ears it took about five minutes for Justin to calm down, Noah then removed the ice pack to see the bruise on his face he was slightly purple Noah placed a small kiss on the bruise then quickly turned to Luna




            “That new guy Lance” she replied venom lacing each word


            “You mean that punk in my gym class” Luna quickly nodded


            “What did he say to make my angel cry?”


Luna leaned in and whispered what Lance said to Justin now Noah was ready to kill Lance he was about to get up then he felt someone hand on his wrist he quickly turn to see it was Justin


            “Please…don’t leave me”


That cause Noah rage to disappear and place Justin on his lap and placed a gentle kiss on his head, Luna loved see moments like this Justin is the only person so far who could tame Noah when his anger flares and she also knew that Noah would do everything in his power to protect Justin. For the rest of the day Justin was also close to one of his friends to make sure Lance would not come near and try harm Justin


When they got back home they headed to their bed room Noah placed Justin on the bed and quickly joined him


            “Justin don’t you believe a word that guy says I love you with all of my heart” he whispered into his lover ear


            “I know…I can still hear them in my head” Justin replied


Noah quickly got on top of Justin


            “Then allow me to get them out”


The next morning during breakfast Lance was looking for a place to sit when all of a sudden he felt someone arm around his shoulder he quickly turned to see it was Noah


            “Hey man come sit with me today”


When they got to the lunch table Noah arm was still around Lance shoulder


            “There is someone here I want you to meet”


Justin was brought to the table by Robbie


            “This is Justin my boyfriend” in a happy tone


            “We meet”


            “Oh that’s right you are the a*s who made my angel cry and bruise his skin” tightening his grip on Lance so he could not get away


Lance notice that everyone at the table had the same look in their eyes minus Justin


            “You hurt him in any way shape or form again you are in trouble get it” Noah said letting go of Lance who quickly walked away from that table he saw that Justin quickly went to the stop by Noah and rested his head on his shoulder and he notice Luna smirking and still giving him the evil eyes


Lance learned the new rule and had no plans of breaking it again




© 2013 Jonathan Biswell

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Author's Note

Jonathan Biswell
It did kill me writing all of those mean thing

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Check your spelling and grammar. While you have a good concept and there's a lot of different directions you could go with it, this piece is a little difficult to read because of the complete lack of punctuation. Aside from apostrophes, I don't think there's a single grammatical mark in this, which is really not a good choice on your part. I'd go over this again and ask yourself if this is truly what you want people to be reading, in its current state.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Jonathan Biswell

11 Years Ago

OKay thank you i will be sure to re read it

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Added on April 5, 2013
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Jonathan Biswell
Jonathan Biswell

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A novice writer who still has a lot of work to do, I do write guy x guy, yoai, boy love story whatever you want to call it, but I do keep it descent but I will write little teaser in there. I know my .. more..

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