All I Want Is To Rock Your Soul

All I Want Is To Rock Your Soul

A Story by Do You Feel?

This is a piece about the ONE THING that matters above all else, a simple yet complicated theory, when it comes right down to it, all we as humans were designed to need is LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, APPROVAL. It is all about where we get it from, or how we get it


 All I Want Is To Rock Your Soul 

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I want to be ONE with you. There is ONE THING that matters, ONE THING above all else, that ONE THING, LOVE. Pretty simple in theory, but much more complicated in reality for some than others. With love, for some, it comes easy, for others, they struggle, learn to walk in it, desire it, long for it, can't understand it, or despise the very idea of it because they falsely believe that it eludes them. Love. Love escapes NO ONE. Everyone has love, everyone has access to it, everyone is capable of loving and being loved, and most fear the heartache that can come from love being taken away from them. But because we were MADE by LOVE, we will NEVER be without it. We are loved, we ARE LOVE, and we can be that source that pours out love to those who may not believe they have it. Stand before me the hardest of hearts and I will stand up and show you that they are loved beyond what they could even imagine. They may not acknowledge it or admit it, but the truth will always prevail.

Why is it that people will go to the ends of the earth searching for a love that they can find that will last when they can't just open up their hearts and accept that they are already loved? Are they blinded by it, do they just not "feel" it in the worldly sense? Do they not know that they have access to the greatest love available to us as we know it in this world?

People who tell you that love hurts don't understand what real love feels like, don't buy into it. It is NEVER LOVE that hurts, it is the people that misuse their ability to give love that fail people. Love will never fail you, but people always will. No one is perfect, as hard as they try. I learn more and more about love as my heart opens up to other's hearts, I learn how they long to be loved and I try to show them that they are loved. Even the most broken, messed up, lost and bruised heart in this life is able to know the love I know. How can I be so sure? Because I have been refined by the fire of the highest love, I have grown in my love walk, I have surrendered all I have to it and laid down my life to submerge myself in it. If I were to lose everything I have today I would STILL have LOVE. Love is everlasting and love is what keeps me fighting for things that try to steal my heart away from my ultimate desire.

What is that desire that is so precious to me that I would give all that I am and all that I have for? To show the world what real LOVE can be, what it feels like, what it looks like, how it stands the test of time and the harshest of storms. It is a journey that starts with one, and I, through all of my brokeness and all of my shortcomings and all of my past regrets, choose to push on, and seek out LOVE, because LOVE CONQUERS ALL THINGS.

Love is bigger than you can imagine, love is bigger than my problems and yours. And we all too often take it for granted that we have access to it. Too many abuse the very nature of love, giving it away like it isn't a precious gift, we allow ourselves to be overturned by the ideas that we think love should be and we miss the real thing. The truth stands the test of time. We choose to love and be loved and we can also choose to make a mockery of it and misunderstand it. Love should be handled with care, and we need to make a promise to ourselves to choose LOVE, choose to learn to love ourselves so that we might come to fully embrace what love is and be able to spread it around like a burning wildfire so that everyone can be touched by the love we have discovered lying within our very own hearts. It starts with one. Let it be you this year.

All I want is to rock your soul. I want to be one with you.

© 2008 Do You Feel?

Author's Note

Do You Feel?
Love to hear your critiques, feedback, how this can be expounded into something more than just the "journal" type entry that it is now. I'd like to build on this as well as possibly combine it with a few of my other entries like "what i've learned from love" or "loving someone who doesn't love back" if you could take a read of this and then possible those others and help me to find out if there is a possibility of cohesively merging them into a good flowing piece to be the start of a book or an article of some sort. This is a subject I feel strongly on but as for the actual breakdown of writing, editing and categorizing, organizing and flow is not my strong point. I can write for days, but my technical side of literary knowledge is very much lacking as I never extensively studied writing in school or otherwise. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as again, I would love to be able to piece these writings together to one day possibly try to get published or use for speaking engagements... thoughts on that? Help, please! thanks for your time

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Added on September 19, 2008


Do You Feel?
Do You Feel?

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