Why are you so mean

Why are you so mean

A Poem by obvious pseudonym

This poem is for anyone who was every picked on. Any one reduced to tears by what some one has said


Why are you so mean

Sitting next to me

Your hushed voices

Your mean stares

Who are you to judge

 What's inside of me

I'm my own person

I'm my own me

I face hardships

I have problems

And I know you do too

You know what

your doing is wrong

But it doesn't stop you

Or are you completely oblivious

Living inside your

own little world

You don't see

the wounds you inflict

Not by sticks and stones

But by words

Those littles things

The damage they can cause

 Maybe not to me

 I may just not care

But to the others T

he weaker ones

 That take the words to heart

 Or should I say stronger ones

That care so much

What I say won't change you

You'll keep doing what u do

But remember

this Every suicide u caused

Every case of broken souls

That you don't have to mend

Just remember

It's all because of you

Those people

Will never get it back

So answer me

Why are you so mean

© 2011 obvious pseudonym

Author's Note

obvious pseudonym
I just hope that one bully will read this and have the decency not to drive a kid to the point of tears

This is my first piece of writing I'm new to this site so please be nice :)

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I agree with Legacy. You are an awesome young poet. Welcome to the cafe!

Posted 13 Years Ago

obvious psuedonym,

First off, your name is quite interesting... *pause and applause*

You are someone who says, they just signed up because of friends - nah, disagree, you signed up because you know really deep down, that you have potential for this thing we call writing.

It's bewildering when people have the concept and the creativity to put into their writing, then say they aren't really a writer. Some are just designed to recognize the truth, and you have the ability to craft such things ~ like it or not you are on your way to becoming a writer.

Secondly, I am on board with this concept. You have the ability and desire to change peoples perceptions by shocking them with knowledge they can cause such disasterous things to happen.

You really need to keep your writing up, practice makes perfect... utilize it!

You may want to sweep this one clean (conjunctions - We will be glad to help if need be) and send into Enlightenment contest on Poetic Infusion Society.

Have an awesome week,


Posted 13 Years Ago

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I like it, speaks of volume and cries out for someone to leave you alone.
Bullies are horrible.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Hi's there. This is an awesome poem. Jossy already gave you a well-thought-out, gorgeous (frankly) review, so I'm just going to saw it's incredible, and listen to Jos because she knows what she's doing, and go on my way. LOVES!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Welcome to the Cafe! And of course I will be nice, I'm Jocelyn! Now for the poem itself.

The emotion of this poem was very powerful, something that cannot be faked. I'm not sure if you wrote this before or after reading my poem "I'm Better", but either way this poem is amazing. Just one little suggestion though. A couple of times in this poem you said 'u'. I would suggest changing them to 'you', which is what I'm sure you meant.

Other than that, this was a fantastic piece. Well done!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on June 8, 2011
Last Updated on July 9, 2011


obvious pseudonym
obvious pseudonym

wherever i want, time machine you know, NH

so theres this fancy smancy little about me thingy on here that i have absolutly no idea what to write on sooo im just going to ramble and ramble because thats what i do best..... P.S. if you spam me.. more..


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