Part Twenty-Five

Part Twenty-Five

A Chapter by lawrence bear



The White House,


            The excitement of the reporter’s voice lit the room and everyone cheered at the visual of Superman’s return. The Secretary of Defence turned and gave the President a hug, patting him on the back. The President looked up to the screen and a smile crawled to his face as he thought of batman’s words, “Superman would be here, he’d never let us down.” But the President’s joy was short lived as he remembered the nuke he had launched moments ago.


            The President turned to the man with the briefcase, “We have to abort!” he said sternly.  “Superman is alive and there is no need for expendable damage.”


            “I’m afraid were too late for that sir,” The man said as he gaped at the President. “In the event of a terrorist attack, once the launch codes are in place and the nuke is set in motion, there is no override and the mainframe cannot be compromised.”


            “My God man…” The President gripped the man by the collar and continued, “What have you made me do? You have made me into a monster like that, that thing.” The President expressed in anger and the room fell silent. “No… you’re wrong. There is time,” The President stared blankly as he let go of the man and walked toward the screen watching as the red cape slowly dissipated into the cloud of ash. “He is here now, he can save them.” he turned as he pointed to the screen. “As of now, I am lifting all bands on restricted air space, we have to let him know, we have to get him the message. Send out the announcement to all traffic that is in the air and on the ground, that there is a nuclear missile headed for Metropolis and Superman is the only one who can stop it.”


            Silence hung in the air,


“You heard the President!” The Secretary raised his voice. “Send out the message. Move it, move it!” and the room filled with clatter, The Secretary turned his head to the President, “One way or another Mr. President, we will get the word to Superman.”




The bus spits out black smoke as it nears its destination; the engine roars as it kicks into a higher gear. With the front fender mangled, as though it were baring sharp metal teeth and it devoured anything in its path.

The creature thundered and it swung its massive fist into the tank that delivered its last shot. The shell missed its target and struck a building already leaning against another. The Building crumbled from the blast and began to plummet.


Sitting behind Batman, Joker had witnessed the explosion, “Oh my, what a spectacular view. It appears we are about to burst into this meeting Batman!” Joker said and laughed in excitement.


Batman scanned the building as it toppled and glanced at Joker through the rear-view mirror. “Meeting adjourned.” and then gripped the wheel and pressed the pedal to the floor.


Joker fell back into his seat laughing as the bus jerked forward, “Ah, there’s the dark knight I know. Ha-ha. Unpredictable, yet so much fun.” then turning to face his thugs, “Put a smile on your face boys, we’re about to become a hit.” and then he broke out into a ghastly laugh.


© 2020 lawrence bear

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Added on August 2, 2020
Last Updated on August 2, 2020
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lawrence bear

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