Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

A Poem by Yann Bellemare

A short one on either soulmates or crushes, or basically, strangers who hit you deep down.

Is it possible to
Look inside your soul
I don't think it's possible to
Look inside her eyes
And feel numb

The pedestal is her throne
I have chosen her to be crowned
The avalanche of my thoughts
Crushed by the stones I used to 
Sculpt her

Maybe it's all lies and letters
Maybe that picture in my mind
A frame, perfectly cut
Is everything but
What truly is

Maybe "we" won't ever be
Something that can be named
Maybe we will always be
A ball, tied to a chain

I look inside the mirror
Inside my eyes and inside my soul
My soul reason to live
Seems to me dreadful
To bear the pain
Of being alone
Contemplate facts that prove
That no one will ever understand you.

Dream dreams of sharing intimacies
Of empathy
Of kisses and screams
Snap back to reality
Don't react
Your mind is playing you
Of tricks and schemes

You're out of breathe it seems
Relax and take one more while
To realize what still is
To realize what world you're really in

To realize what glove really fits

© 2014 Yann Bellemare

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Very deep and well written. Lovely.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Great poem it sure shows a lot of feelings in it I like that

Posted 7 Years Ago

There are quite a few layers to this poem that reach deep within the heart and mind. For me, the line "Maybe "we" won't ever be
Something that can be named"
I just love that and it took me to places of "why must we conform and label everything? why not have something unique?" so it got me thinking. Is it possible to look inside a soul? I think so. But such moments are rare and incredible. I always appreciate poems that leave me with more after the poem is read. This did that. Excellent content. Penny

Posted 7 Years Ago

I was totally in awe from start to finish and breathless by the end... you captured my minds imagination in this enchanting piece as this mesmerizing story unfolded...

Pictured perfectly and such a wonderful piece...


Posted 7 Years Ago

Ooooh, I really like this one... It took me on a roller coaster of emotions... Sometimes we "see" things in people that we WANT to see, but really isn't there... We long desperately for our best friend, our other half, our soul mate that we end up "chained" to the wrong one, or strings of unhappy crushes that we overlook things that normally would have us running in the opposite direction- wearing gloves that hinder our progress...

"Dream dreams of sharing intimacies
Of empathy
Of kisses and screams
Snap back to reality"

My favorite part and how hauntingly true... At least on my part... The snapping back to reality is often sad, lonely, and painful but necessary... Who doesn't want that dreamy fairy tale jeez..

Another amazing piece sir:)

Posted 7 Years Ago

This is amazing. I love the fact that it truly seems like you were writing what you truly felt. Great job.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Perhaps sometimes we put people up on a pedestal and are shocked when they come tumbling down. Because we love them sometimes we expect so much of them. Excellent poetry here Yann :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Another splendid poem from you. Thank you for sharing...:)...................

Posted 7 Years Ago

The pedestal is her throne
I have chosen her to be crowned
The avalanche of my thoughts
Crushed by the stones I used to
Sculpt her
I love the depth if this piece,wondeful.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Yann Bellemare
Yann Bellemare

Quebec, Canada

If I added you, it means I have read and appreciated your work. Don't add me expecting to get reviews. I am very picky and I don't review for the sake of it. Your true traveller finds bored.. more..


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