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About Me

I'm a brain damaged, mentally deranged, hippie dippy raised on Gilligan's Island and Green Acres, but I'm never going back there again! Currently, I'm 11 years into writing a book on Collective Ignorance, based on the analog logic of the Tao Te Ching and Socratic wisdom.


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Posted 2 Months Ago

Just a quick update on my progress. A book like this is never finished, but the chapters and poetry are now approaching word perfect and complete, meaning they clearly express the mathematics of humor, and how logic and humor trade accuracy for greater efficiency and creativity. The complete emotional-logic will have to wait for the computers, and my only hope is to present a good overall description of how instant karma works, both physically and mentally, based on first principles. Being able to physically demonstrate how our abstract conscious thoughts emerge from our emotions, based on first principles, will change everything. I'll be adding all the newly edited poetry once I get the chapters straightened out.

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Posted 2 Years Ago

My work requires studying six or more English language translations of the Tao Te Ching for at least fifteen years, then twelve years on the average to write a book like this. By studying the Tao Te Ching we can absorb its bullshit logic by attrition and osmosis, and Taoists like to say "The humor of the toddler is the hardest to master" because, of course, you are the toddler dummy!

A dozen masters helped me assemble the metaphors for my book over a nine month period and I have perhaps 250 poems for my book. I am the Wu Li master of the Tao Te Ching, the Shockwave Rider who rides the Great Fractal Dragon, the treasure of Malaysia.