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Chapter 5:  MY HERO

Chapter 5: MY HERO

A Chapter by MissSkyeGaisha

Will Skyler get His damsel in distress?



My Hero :Chapter 5

By. MissSkyeGaisha   


I had been gone for atleast two long days. I was hungry and all I could keep picturing was Skyler's angel face and the way his eyes made me feel. Those things couldn't have been just me,he had to feel it too. It didnt matter anyway, I was here and he was there. Suddenly I felt a hand caress my cheek. It was some old hobo!. I screamed as loud as I could.No help in sight. He pushed me to the ground. I slapped him and he punched me down again. I started kicking and squiriming. Finally I screamed and he covered my mouth so I bit him till I tasted blood. He swared frantically and I  eased back . I tried to crabwalk away from him,but it was to late. He was madder then ever and he came at me like a bull. Then I heard a gun shot and the hobo fell. It was Skyler,he saved me. But How?  "Are you okay?" he asked. "Yeah I guess." I mumbled. He helped me up and I began to walk away. I wasnt about to crawl back to him just because he saved my life. He ran infront of me to stop me in my tracks. I growled and he barked like a dog, I wanted to laugh but I furious. He gave me a sypathetic look, so I slapped him. "Fiesty!" he laughed. "So you think this is funny?"I scolded. "No,its just you slapped the person who would kill someone for you." he smiled. "No,I slapped the person who told his friends that I was annoying. Oh and that same person who shot needles into his arm." I yelled. He looked confused for a second then he said," Look I was High. I didn't know what  I was saying, it just came out. Im sorry." he whispered.  I took no apologies at that moment. " I dont care. The person who just shot that hobo, is not the guy i saw at that party. And I dont want to ever see those two people again."My voice had lowered to just above a whisper. "Sarah Please?How many times do I have to tell you Im sorry. You made me a promise and it looks like you kept it. So now its my turn. I Skyler Bryant Sherman Promises to you Sarah Lindsey Barrs that I will never use drugs again and I will never Hurt You again, Ever!" He promised. I started to cry because the person infront of me at this very moment was going to be the one. My Hero!



© 2010 MissSkyeGaisha

Author's Note

Ignore Grammar,please Comment and rate and review. Sorry for it being so short, I didthis in excruciating back pain.

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thank yuh Twelve dark years

Posted 8 Years Ago

I just have to say.. Love the picture and this writing...

Posted 8 Years Ago

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