Chapter 1 Of Shadows

Chapter 1 Of Shadows

A Chapter by MissSkyeGaisha

You are introduced to the way she got her gift. She still doesnt know she can see ghost. Thats all saved for Chapter 2 So Suscribe annd or Add :)


Shadows: Chapter 1:      Goodbye Normality




My name is Mikayla I'm 16 years old. I May be Just like you and I was. Just last year I was a regular 15 years old sophmore going to Highland High. Blonde Hair, Deep blue eyes, Fashionista of the school, and dont forget overachiever!


It all happen so fast. My friends and I were on our way back from the beach and we hit something then all I remeber was waking up knowing I was dead. I was watching the crime scene. The men pulling my limp body from the now banged up benz. I felt sick to my stomach. I begin to cry. Obvioulsy it wasnt my time and I was most defenitly wasnt going down without a fight.


I begin to follow my body and I heard the fireman say,"She has been pronounced dead at 6:45 pm eastern time." The other fireman nodded and began to put me in a body bag. A few minuetes later the  ambulance came and put my lifeless body inside the vehicle. I ran and jumped into my body. I felt like I was slurped through time and space. Then I woke up.


I was kicking and screaming inside the bag,slowly suffocating at any moment. The driver stopped. She opened the door and screamed. She unzipped the bag and stared. I got up from the bag and asked, " Where's Melissa and Sarah Lynn?" She was clearly astonished to see someone that was pronounced dead ask her a question as if nothing happen. "They're in the the other ambulance, they think your dead. No one got badly hurt besides you.Which now I know you were just unconscience."  I felt dumbfounded. How could this lady who was the third person to pronounce me as dead think I was unconscious. " I wasnt unconscience. I was Dead!" I screamed.


She told me to go into the passenger side of the car, ignoring everything I just said. As we pulled off i felt a piece of me stay there with the accident. I could see the car, It looked so lonely on the road all by itself in the countryside. A part of me wanted to stay there with it. I was totally bummed.


We pulled up to the hospital about 30 minuets later. I ran to Mellissa's ambulance. She was fully awake crying her eyes out. I took a couple steps back so the doors could open. When she saw me her mouth dropped and so did her caretakers. " A ghost." she whispered. "No. Im okay it was a false alarm... I was...erm...unconscience or something."I Managed to lie. She nodded and laid down with reilef. I smiled and waved.


I saw them pull out Sarah Lynn, she wasnt as alert as Melissa. She was kinda Comaish. I waved. She said," Thank God your alive! I was hoping you would jump back in." she said. I replied," Yeah Im glad I did too." I wasnt sure how Sarah new what I did ,but I really didnt care. I walked in the hospital behind Sarah. I saw all of our parents in the waiting room and I almost ran across the hospital!. When they saw me they all got up and hugged me asking all sort of questions. "They're okay. Melissa got a  few scrapes, bruises and Sarah has a broken arm,and thats about it. They all looked releived.


*Present Day*

So here I am a couple weeks later, seeing peoples past,present,and future. So Far its goodbye normal Hello Freak! 

© 2010 MissSkyeGaisha

Author's Note

Ignore grammar Issues and in this one she Hasnt seen her first ghost yet but thats coming Next.

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Good start after you polish it up

Posted 14 Years Ago

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