Chapter 2 Of Shadows

Chapter 2 Of Shadows

A Chapter by MissSkyeGaisha

She thought all she was, was a physicic teen but now she knows she can see the dead too.


Chapter 2: "I can see ghost?"



Like I said before, I was normal but now im not.  I dont think I will ever have my normal life back again. Since the whole incindent a lot of things changed. I dyed my hair dark brown, I quit cheerleading, I stay home a lot now, and Melissa isnt my friend anymore.  With all these changes a person could feel a bit overwhelmed, but not me. Im getting used to the changes, I guess you can say I adapted to them.


My mom hates it when I tell her about my visions and my gift. She thinks its all silly non - sense and that I suffered from a slight trama. She even sent me to a shrink! As of now my mom and I dont even talk. Thats another thing that changed. My mom and I used to be best friends, but now not so much.


   . . .


You wouldnt beileve what happen to me today. The most weirdest thing happened. Sarah and I were walking to school when I saw a teenager about my height that Ive never seen before walking right ahead of me. So I asked Sarah ," Do you know that girl?" Sarah looked around for a few moments before saying, " What girl?" I looked at her with amazement, how could she not see her.  "She's walking infront of us." I said. "Oh, make her talk." she replied. So I did exactly that, The girl turned around and said, " You can see me?" I  nodded and told her to hold on. "Sarah did you hear her?" I asked. " Yup." she answered.


I had a hard time beileveing that so asked, "What did she say?" The girl was now walking right beside me. " She askedif you could see her." I nodded. "Yeah MiMi I ment to tell you, I can hear ghost but I can never see them."

Sarah explained.  I just nodded and said,"So you mean, the girl, she's a ghost?" Sarah nodded. "I can see ghost?" I asked. "Yes, remember the accident? Well you and i were both dead but I jumped back into my body way earlier then you did. Since that time I could hear the dead and I could also see the past of the people I touch and or things I touch." she answered. I must have looked confused because she explained further, " You have to help them Kayla, to crossover to the light, I did my research and plus I watch a little ghost whisperer. Thats what you are  A GHOST WHISPERER."


"Well how do I help them?" I asked. She told me I have to take care of their unfinished business so they could go into the light and finally be at peaced. She also said that I can only tell the people whos souls I was helping.  I asked, "Why?" she further told me that I can only tell people that I  utterly most trust because  they might put me as crazy and that I'd be a walking freak!


"So I Have to help her. But how can I do that at school?"

 I asked. "Theyll follow you around till you eventually have time to." she explained. " Okay." I ended. " So whats your name?" I asked the ghost. " Hannah." she answered.

"Why are you here?" I asked. " My mom doesnt know where I am." she answered. "How did you die?" Sarah asked. "I was killed by a man that is also dead,but he disappeared I Havent seen him around here." " Can we help you?" I asked. Sarah looked confused,but then excited. "Well can you help me talk to my mom?" she asked. "Does she know that your dead?" Sarah asked.

"No." She replied.




To be cont'd ...


© 2010 MissSkyeGaisha

Author's Note

Ignore grammar issues, please give feedback,suscribe,add,rate, anything? Tune In for the next chapter.

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Added on May 29, 2010
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