Chapter 4 of Shadows

Chapter 4 of Shadows

A Chapter by MissSkyeGaisha

What does this scary spirit want with Mikayla and Sarah? Can they help him? Can they even Help themselves?


Chapter 4

Of Shadows:"For the First Time In My Life Im actually Scared."


I stared back at the dark spirit with fear and determination. "What do you mean I dont belong here?" I asked. His head spiraled in a circular motion ,moving back and forth quickly.  I quickly tried to move but was unable to. I felt paralyzed. Sarah was terrified it showed in her whole facial expression. I quickly tried to coax her." Dont be afraid of him he's  just a big bully!" I spat. "A Bully?" he spat back. "Yeah a Bully." Sarah piped in, still shaking. " You dont belong here." he screamed.


"What do you mean." I said sternly. " You were dead." he replied before leaving. A gust of wind went through the area like an hurricane. "Wow." Sarah whispered. I nodded and got up. Brushing my pants off I headed towards the car.  Sarah was hesitant but she followed. The car was completly silent the whole ride home. I dropped Sarah off and headd back. I was kind of cautious about being alone afterthe incident but we had school the next day so no chance of sleepovers. I ran in the house at full speed almost knocking my mother over,"Hey slow down there Mikayla!"she yelled as I raced up the stairs.


I know this may sound stupet but for the first time in my life I was actually scared. And Of some dead thing that had some serious issues.


For the next few days I didnt see it. He never came back. I was kind of on edge just waiting. Waiting for something to happen! I could feel the intensity every time Sarah and I walked home. Like something was watching but stayd far back. I dont know what this thing was But what ever it was! Was out to get me and Sarah!



To be contd* Coming Up The Battle Of dead and Living Chapter 5 :)

© 2010 MissSkyeGaisha

Author's Note

Sorry for the long wait. Been really busy and its finally summer. Thanks for the reviews on my previous chapters :) And Thanks to all the viewers who love thisbook in progress lol :) Much Love ------Skye xoxo

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