Chapter 7 : Build Up

Chapter 7 : Build Up

A Chapter by MissSkyeGaisha

Sarah learned that in order to get better you have to knock yourself down to build up.


Chapter 7: Build Up

I thought being home would

close the emptyness but it didnt. And I couldnt figure out why.  

I thought maybe I was looking at things all the wrong way.I        thought as soon as I got back everything would go back to normal, but that wasnt the case. How come everyone was being so nice? Was it because I had ran away from home and they all felt bad? Or was it like Skyler said they loved me?



  Those questions are what kept

me up every night until I got too exuasted to stay awake any longer. I tossed and turned that night still thinking,still letting my mind wonder. I slowly drifted away into the still night.



That next morning was the worst  

My Head was Throbbing and I felt nausiated. I told Aunt Jessi and she told me to stay home today. So ofcourse I did. later that  afternoon I was starting to feel better so I went for a walk down to the park. The Park reminded meof so many things. Like my park back home,the fire,Skyler,and just everything that I basically lived to for. I saw Skyler walking home from school  he looked so peaceful and beutiful in his own little way.  I smiled at the thought that a few months ago I had just met him and was pushing him away.Now He is my night and shining armor. Right?



"Hey Skyler? "

"Yeah?" I paused for a second, I didnt know how to phrase the   question or even if I shoulf say it. "Do you think Im a bad  person?" He smiled,then he frowned. "Well Sarah, Honey,erm... your not a bad person but your not an angel either.Your not just right either.Your kinda Twisted in a good/bad way.Do you get me?" he seemed confused. "So I need help basically?" I felt heart sick, I couldnt beileve what I was hearing,but it was the truth and I couldnt ignore the truth. "Yuh have to knock your walls down and then you have to build them up again.The right way." he said. I must have looked puzzled cause he replied," Listen Sar, You have to forgive,forget,love,be blessed. I had to do it. And I think  it might be your turn if your ready.Are you ready?" he asked. I had to pause for a moment. "Yes. I want to move  forward not backward." I felt like now I knew why i was so bitter and stressed. It was because I was shutting down everyone around me. I was forgeting to love and forgive. I was so trapped in my parents death,that I let it take over my life. I couldnt Let this Happen It was Time To Build Up.


© 2010 MissSkyeGaisha

Author's Note

Ignore Grammar, i think this is the best chapter so far becauseI took a lot of you guys tips and incorpoorated them into this one chapter so hopefully it will be better then the past 6 :) Enjoy! Any suggestions Please dont Be afraid to say :)

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Added on April 12, 2010
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