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Chapter 6 : Welcome Back!

Chapter 6 : Welcome Back!

A Chapter by MissSkyeGaisha

Welcome Back? I Didnt Know they Cared That Much.




BY: MissSkyeGaisha



Skyler and I rode home together in his broke down mustang. We listened to Taylor Swift the  whole way back home. We had the best conversation ever! We talked about almost everything. As we neared to my street I felt a certain rush of nervousness go through my body. What if they didnt want me back? What if they were mad at me? What if they actually missed me? They were all kind of possible outcomes, but I was about to expierence the real one now. At that exact moment. I got out the car slowl,yet surely.  I was suprised at what happened next. A whole stadium of people poured out of my house rushing to hug and greet me. There where people from school there, people from my family,and people from the neighborhood. I just smiled warmly and told them I was really tired. They soon left after asking me a zillion questions. I went straight to the shower and when I came out,there was Skyler standing right infront of my window as if he was thinking of something.  I tip toed out and ran up behind him. He laughed. Something wasnt right. " Whats wrong?" I asked. He turned to face me and he put my head in his hands. "Why'd you runaway like that?" he replied. The question caught me off gaurd. I really didnt knowhow to answer that question, so I shrugged. He looked knowingly. "You thought,noone cared about you didnt you?" he smiled. I nodded. I could feel myself tearing up, for what I didnt know. He swiped away my tears and he whispered in my ear," Yeah,we dont care about you,we all love you. Especially your Aunt Jessi and I we Love you the most. And the people at school, didnt you notice even brianna was brought to tears when she saw you were okay...well maybe her dreams just died at that moment but whatever. " I felt so dumb. All these peopled loved and cared about me and how do I repay them? By running away and worring them to death. I would have never realized they cared so much. Welcome Back Me! Welcome back.

© 2010 MissSkyeGaisha

Author's Note

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