A Story by KCthelastboyscout

I AM FORSAKEN. where is God now?

Lost at sea. Boat at the bottom of the ocean. Now the only survivor. There's no hope for me. There's no light shining in my direction that will lead to my rescue. It's time to accept my fate... Unanswered prayers... Mom Dad thank you. Thank you for raising me. I had a good life. I wish I was able to take care of you in your older years. I'm so sorry... My best friends are gone. Drowned.Now, ghosts of the sea . And I am next to join them. I never been a religious person. I never had faith in something I never seen or never heard. If there is a God, has he forsaken me? Am I being punished for a lack of faith?...Unanswered prayers...Enough. My will is broken. My arms and legs are no longer capable of keeping me afloat. I succumb to the waves caring my listless body across the water. My mind wanders. Memories of the past and present. All the people I leave behind, how will they mourn me? Will my body ever be found? Will they ever know I tried everything to survive, but failed...Unanswered prayers... Tired. Time to let go.Close your eyes. Don't be afraid. This shouldn't take too long.I sink under the water.The water fills my helpless body. My eyes open...Light...

© 2017 KCthelastboyscout

Author's Note

Inspired by a dream

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great ending!!
lovely writing

Posted 11 Months Ago

Dreams, so I've found, are often extremely good inspirations/basis for a story. This one rings authentic in my mind, and is similar to thoughts I've had while serving in the Navy for twenty years.

Posted 11 Months Ago

I am very glad you were inspired to make such a beautiful piece

Posted 11 Months Ago

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"Now, ghosts of the sea . And I am next to join them" This is hauntingly beautiful and yet so relatable. What a feeling to be ethereal, floating...dying and yet fine with the idea of death. You make a great point here, I enjoyed this!

Posted 11 Months Ago

I think we all have been here at some point in our lives. I know I have been! Maybe not on a boat but at a point when you don't know if you will survive.
Great write!

Posted 11 Months Ago

There is something about this that really speaks to me. I feel like this captures an evasive aspect of the human condition, our helplessness. Thank you for sharing this!!!! Great work

Posted 11 Months Ago

I appreciate you sharing your feelings of despair. I couldn't help but to feel your desperation. It was easy to see how you might resign yourself to your inevitable fate. I think this was a very good write.

Take care - Dave

Posted 11 Months Ago

Your writing is very raw and genuine. More disturbing than most fictional horror stories I've read, if this is not a work of fiction, or is it? Are you interested in grammatical review?

Posted 11 Months Ago

This grabbed at my soul. Thank you for sharing this.

Posted 12 Months Ago

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