A Chapter by Veronica

After dinner, I told my parents about Dawn, and they said that she could go to taekwondo with me tomorrow, I was overjoyed!


Then I went on the computer, hoping to tell someone about this.


I decided to go on RuneScape, as when I saw who was on my friends list, I was happy, then I got a message, from someone unexpected;


(Jason) From jnd290: Took u long enough....

(Nicole)To jnd290: U didn't tell me to get on....

From jnd290: U shoulda figured....

To jnd290: Well...what did ya wanna tell me?

From jnd290: To keep what I told u about how I like Dawn a secret.

To jnd290: ok

jnd290 has logged out


'Weird....' I thought, but then I saw someone on public chat say,


karatebiker1: Hey person, r u dead or something?


I laughed, and replied,


hunterz: Nope, I was just talking to a friend.

karatebiker1: Ok good, may I ask your name?

hunterz: Nicole

karatebiker1: Hmm....that's weird, I have a friend named Nicole, but, my name is Dawn.


I took a few seconds to contemplate that,


hunterz: You must be Dawn Maxwell, my next door neighbor!!!

 karatebiker1: :O Yeah, I am!!!!


I screamed in delight, and I saw her outside my window cheering.


hunterz: Add me.....oh great...w8 Jason again...

Karatebiker1 has logged in

jnd290 has logged in

From jnd290: Have u told anyone yet?

From karatebiker1: Who's Jason?

To jnd290: No, I haven't Jason.

To karatebiker1: The dude in the black swimshorts with the flames.

From karatebiker1: Oh yeah, the cute guy!!!


I smiled, thinking, 'They like each other!' but then I got sad, and started thinking about last summer.




It was a mid-August evening, and I had asked Jason if he could spare a few minutes because I needed to ask him something, so, as he went to me, he asked, "What did you want to ask me?"


I said, seeing his friends going off the diving boards and everytime asking if he done, "Well," I started, as I slid my hat down so he couldn't see my blush, "Why do you tease me?"


Then, what he said thrw me off, and made me surprised, because he knew what I was really asking, "Do you want to know if I like you?" (like as in crush)


I said, "How did you know?"


He didn't answer my question, but replied, "I don't like you that much, but I like you as a friend," after that, I figured he knew I was gonna cry so I said,


"I thought you hated me, I really did," then he replied,


"I just mess up with words alot," as I said,


"Well, I gotta go," as he said, "Well, that's gre-," he caught himself, knowing I was sad, and he said, "That's too bad," as he put his hand on my shoulder, and I walked and said, "Bye."


I noticed that I had some messages:


From jnd290: Good.

From karatebiker1: U there?


So I replied,

To karatebiker1: Sorry, I just had a flashback....

To jnd290: Well, do you plan to ask her out?

From karatebiker1: What?

To karatebiker1: I'll tell u l8r.

From jnd290: I'm afraid she won't like me back....

To jnd290: Oh c'mon, dude, I asked you out and I had the guts to tell you I liked u,and I figured u should too.

From karatebiker1: Ok, well gotta go, cya.

karatebiker1 has logged out.

From jnd290: Is that an insult?

To jnd290: No lol, I just wanted to tell you that. :P

From jnd290: Lol, well Ima go and do something.

To jnd290: Ok, byez.

jnd290 has logged out


Then I went off, thinking about what they both said.






© 2010 Veronica

Author's Note

The RuneScape names are not real,at least not anyone that I know of,and the flashback is real,I just wanted to use it with Nicole's character since she reflects my personality.

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i like this book so far. :) i want to read more!! hurry up with the next chapter!!! lol.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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