The Woman, After You

The Woman, After You

A Chapter by Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

If so you have heard, from people around
that a new woman entered my life when you departed
 know that they did not lie

She arrived, as soon as you were not found
Without expecting or asking, she started... 
opening the door into my lonely soul

She took advantage of my sadness and nostalgia
 and today makes sure to keep me company

If you have been told that she is around 
at every moment and at all times
They did not lie

For as a shadow with no sound
she follows, closely by my side
to soften my cry

she knew you, and all there was
 for it was you who told her

And when she saw me alone 
she did not doubt in coming home
and made sure to have me

While she sits at the table to drink coffee with me
She contemplates your picture on my screen
frequently asking about you

Have you forgotten her?
She asks over and over again
Until she takes me to the room and tells me that I should

But as we tumble in bed, 
I still feel your breath racing all over my body, 
making love to me

And there I watch her smile
and tease me just like you did
Whispering in my ear to forget you

Today I finally find you
Admitting how much you miss me
then eagerly ask who the new woman is

I stare into those pretty blue eyes
And laugh at the silly dreamer you are
I point over to my heart and say
"You know her well"...

Ella es... La Soledad

© 2017 Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

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I love reading your pieces mainly for the fantastic use of imagery you use, I am always easily able to visualize what is going on in the poem, als well done use of Español señor!

Posted 5 Months Ago

Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

5 Months Ago

Thank you dear, it has been a while since we've talked
And when she saw me alone
she did not doubt in coming home
and made sure to have me


i enjoyed reading this one

Posted 5 Months Ago

Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

5 Months Ago

Thank you kindly dear.
Suena como el fantasma femenino está tratando de protegerse a sí misma de la nueva mujer. No creo que ella quiere ponerse en el camino...

Posted 6 Months Ago


6 Months Ago

Suena encantador. Si sólo fuera una promesa
Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

6 Months Ago

Lo es, y es una cual guardo muy cerca

6 Months Ago

Usted es tonto. Nadie sabe el futuro

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Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)
Sir Drift & Mr. Pulse (Y.A.D.)

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