The Oracle said I was the wisest of all the Greeks. For I, of all the Greeks, know that I know nothing. - Homer's Odyssey

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About Me

Not the best, not the worst, at writing. Not old but young. Full of inspiration, imagination but not enough experience to make it big. It's not the money I work for nor ever really will. What I do is for the respect along with excitement mostly. Someday, I hope to see my works bring smiles to peoples' faces worldwide. Help me achieve that dream, my friends.

Also, I'm 21 years of age. I have short brown hair, blue eyes, am a sophomore in college, pretty much average, excel in the arts, love musicals, as well as don't mind the occasional sport. Oh, and video games! I love vgames! How could I forget that? Oogh.

P.S - I know that plenty of people send me group invites as well as read requests. Mind, I truly do my best to keep up with both things. Nevertheless, if we're all on the same page here then everyone should understand that I do have a job, college courses and just life to keep up with altogether. So, again, I'll do my best to read and join in on other peoples' writing. Yet, that all depends on how free I am. My apologies.


Best freaking quote ever: "By all that you hold dear on this good earth... I bid that you stand, Men of the WEST!" - Aragorn/ LOTR: Return of the King

2nd best freaking quote ever: "This night, you march to Helms Deep! Leave none alive!" - Saruman/ LOTR: Two Towers

3rd best freaking quote ever: "Yes, yes, yes! And if the hobbitses loses then we eats it whole!" - Gollum/ The Hobbit

4th best freaking quote ever: "How bout a magic trick? Now, I will make this pencil disappear. Wham! And, ah look, it's gone!" - Joker/ The Dark Knight

5th best freaking quote ever: "Sometimes, Master Wayne... There are men who just want to see the world burn." - Alfred/ The Dark Knight

6th best freaking quote ever: "Uh, Shakespeare in the park? Does mother knoweth you weareth her drapes?" - Tony Stark/ The Avengers

7th best freaking quote ever: "It is not our powers or abilities or strengths that makes us who we are... It is our CHOICES." - Dumbledore/ Harry Potter

8th best freaking quote ever: "Ha ha ha! Kill you? No! Why would I do that? You're too much fun, ha ha!" - Joker/ The Dark Knight

9th best freaking quote ever: "Nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask." - Bane/ The Dark Knight Rises

10th best freaking quote (My Own): "Together, our light will shine the brightest!"

11th best freaking quote (My Own): "Such blindness. It is not money nor war nor wit that wins you a place in our order. It is in there, your heart, that makes us consider you."

12th best freaking quote (My Own): "No matter how strong the light, the darkness will never truly be gone. Yet, remember... No matter how strong the darkness, the light will never truly be gone. Understand?"


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Posted 10 Years Ago

hey! havent seen you online in a while; welcome back lol

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Posted 11 Years Ago

yay number 10

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Posted 11 Years Ago

That 3rd quote made my day lol LOTR...cant get any better than that :)