Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]

Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]


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About Me

Sgammato is the author of Inertia: The Musical

Society is stuck in a state of SOCIAL INERTIA; we are resisting a pull towards something greater than ourselves because of our insatiable appetite for distraction.

INERTIA is the force that resists gravity. We commonly perceive gravity as a force which pulls down, but the actual definition states that it is a force which attracts lesser objects towards something greater than themselves.

Having clarified these two forces, it should be noted that there are a number of systems in place, whether intentional or unintentional, that hinder our ability to pay attention to the world around us.

These distractions manifest in substances (pot, pills, alcohol, mushrooms, etc.), cults, (sports fanaticism, celebritocracy obsession, religion, etc.) and media (pseudo-news, reality T.V., social media, text messaging, etc.).Whether these distractions are intentionally placed in society and amplified by banking cartels/elitists should be left to debate by interested parties.

Neither side of the debate can deny the existence of these distractions, nor their grave implications for a democratic society. A democratic society relies on an informed citizenry to function.

It is our hope that The People will wake up from these distractions and become active participants in the democratic system. It is our hope that The People will resist the trend towards willful ignorance that plagues society. We must strive to become:

1) Informed Citizens in a Democratic Society
2) Responsible Consumers in a Capitalistic Society
3) Tolerant Believers in a Diverse Society

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