Old Rockers don't die, they just fade away.

North East, MD
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About Me

I am a Retired I.T. Tech. I like to write articles about the Paranormal. Writing is a hobby of mine in retirement.
I like Ghost stories so much its Scary.
I dabble in Ufology, Ghostology and Sasqualology.
I am a ParaTheorist wannabe.
I am a doctor of the Weird and Strange. Or maybe I am just a little Weird and Strange.
I am an alroun good, but slightly scrambled egg.
I like to debunk the debunkers. I am skeptical about skeptics.
Skeptoids lack Spirit and are Narrow of Mind.


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Posted 3 Weeks Ago

I normally do not do creative type writing.
I write more of journalistic report type articles.
I don’t usually write Fiction. I write about actual reports about unusual Phenomena.
I don’t want to confuse my report articles
with fantasy stories.
In Training I don’t normally put in my own theories about unusual things.
I don’t consider my own speculation to be training.
In Courses and Lessons I put in what experts have said and what I have learned about Unexplained Phenomena.
I write my own ideas and theories in the
regular writing area in stories and on my own Blog page.
The Training courses I have written are to provide information to people and to help them learn about Paranology. I am not a Paranormal Investigator myself. I do research online and writing about
Phenomena of the Unknown.
There are subjects I do not like to write about:
Demons and Demonology, because they can be dangerous subjects and are best left up to the professionals.
Cattle Mutilations are gruesome.
And I grew weary of Government conspiracy and Ancient Alien theories.