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Teheran, Iran
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About Me

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I am nobody! Who are you?
If you are nobody we are two!


There was the one, it was not the one. In the sky and on the earth, there was nobody except GOD, the merciful.
25 years ago, in a cold night of March a baby was born. Who was that baby?? Well�
I'm talking about myself!

I am a child of winter. I come from the country of ancient myths and stories with a great record in literature. The country of carpets and cats! Iran! (Have you ever seen a Persian carpet or a Persian cat?)
When I was a baby my face was similar to a snow ball. My mom says I was gentle and dreamy and I think I was very curious.

While I was growing up I was feeling two angles were looking after me carefully. One of them was whispering amiable stories beside my ears every night, the other one was near me when I scared and her presence appeased me.

Still I have these nice creatures beside me, my parents, who have helped me to put my first steps on the life highway. At first my father familiarized me to the world of stories. He narrated old and national stories. My mother read children books while I watching their pictures.

Each month a kind postman was bringing me a packet consists of 3 or 4 story books. Although I couldn't read my mother could! I remember a special smell, smell of a new book and its papers! And from that time I learnt that books are friendly and enjoyable.

When I was 10 my father gave me a birthday gift, a diary. He wanted me to start writing. I think it was the greatest gift I ever have.

I've wrote many stories which I threw them out! Writing is the only way I can do for being a writer!
When I was 18 my first story has been published in a teenager's magazine. It was a story for children.
Last summer my first book has been published; it is a book about computer fundamentals. Nevertheless I know I'm not a writer. There is a long way forward that I can reach to my life goal: To be a writer!

Life from my sight:
Life is a big school. Everyone is my teacher. After passing a lesson the next one will be harder.

Do I believe in GOD?
Yes, of course! I am a theist!

Who am I:
I am a bookworm. I am gentle. I am optimistic. I am honest. I am a cat person. I am a software girl!

Like and dislike

I hate (much): war, cruelty, injustice, perjuring, telling lies, gossiping, betrayal and racism.
I like (much): peace, justice, honesty, benignity and charity.

Do and don't

I don't: smoke, drink, drive, work!!
I do: study!

Brief description about my interests:

I'm interested in: all of the stuffs related to children (children stories, philosophy for children), psychology, philosophy, theosophy, self scrutiny, wisdom, spirituality, religion, culture, history, myth, narration, classic art, music, making new friends, learning languages, reading, writing, teaching, shopping, window-shopping, photography, traveling, ballet, animals, beauty of nature and many other things!

My wish list: to find one friend from each of the countries we have in the world, traveling to all of the countries to learn new things, make new friends and meet new cultures and take great photos, to write interesting stories, to be a deft writer, to find a job accordant with my grail, to read at least 1000 books before I die, to be a better person and to do my best to make a peaceful world.

Languages spoken: English, French (beginner), Turkish (verbal), Arabic (not much), Farsi (which is my mother tongue)

My favorite cartoons: Wall-E, The little mermaid, Anastasia, Aladdin, Lion king (I)

My favorite movies: Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, pride and prejudice, a good year, liar liar


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Posted 13 Years Ago

:)... Haven't seen u in sometime now. Hope u are doing GR8 :))