All About the Kids


Welcome to the "All About the Kids" group. This a group for writers who are interested in writing for children and teenagers. It will serve as a proving ground for your pieces, as some of us in the group are either successful children's authors, or have studied how to write creatively for this age group.

Since this is a group about children's writing, please keep all forums clean of profanity and adult subjects. We're here to improve our craft, ladies and gentlemen.

If you submit a story or book to this group, be prepared to have it thoroughly reviewed and critiqued on subject, voice, character, plot, theme...all things that make or break a good piece.

And yes...spelling and grammar do matter. We're teaching our future. Let's keep them literate.

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Jamie S.

Jamie S.

Mendota, IL

Im trying this stay at home mom bit out for awhile...hope to..


The Kis Diamond... Part 1.

ron s king

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NEW Contest:)


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Hello from an illustrator!


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Hi everyone


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Hello, new to the Group


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