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This bi-annual online magazine began as a frustrated solution to the complexities of submitting work to magazines, agents and publishers. Quite simply, we have grown weary of researching people who are going to reject us, so we thought, "Why not start our own magazine to publish our work?"

Full Moon Press is owned and operated by four friends in the western United States. We have come together to bring you the best of our tales--horror, comedy, tragedy, poetry, general fiction, and our own blended genre of Modern Gothic Horror Romance--and to invite you to bring us your best.

Online submissions can be submitted to [email protected]. Please include in the subject line "Submission for e-zine". Current publication schedule is March and October. March 2008 space availability is limited, so be sharpening up those fright-night stories for the Fall edition.

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Jesse F Hayes

Jesse F Hayes

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October 2008 - Volume I Issue II

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