I'll Have A Molotov Cocktail.


I'd like to hear, see, and feel your thoughts on destruction, for the sake of reconstruction. What do think is wrong with our culture? What is working? Dystopian to utopian, anything revolving around revolution and reform. Speeches, poems, songs, essays- any tool you have in writing to get move you forward. The truth is, humans are not happy on this planet. There is no one right way to live, but that does not mean all ways are acceptable. If you've read Daniel Quinn or Carlos Castaneda you are probably feeling somewhat similar in that you are only tolerating existence, rather than living your life.

I'd like to relate to people, and possibly network, with similar anarchist-like ideals. I'd like ideas to make things better, and not in a "going green" kind of way. There is no revolution other than a violent revolution, and everything starts with an idea.

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