My Group :)


This group is just for everyone to be friends :) You can be anyone, everyone or no one to join this group.

I will probably bombard your inbox with just random s**t XD. Oh if you read my writing I might send you messages about my work (for example the book I am working on "Dairy of Jane Doe").

Please just have fun! You can make random forums about pie for all I care!

Well I hope everyone likes the group and if you don't...don't join! Its just that simple!

If you are wondering....

I really don't care what the hell you do in this group. You can post writing about death or rainbows or whatever you want. Same with forums.
I might have random contests sometimes also.
If you have ANY questions just message me.

******Remember I love you all! And stay beautiful!*******

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Gasp for Air

September 4, 2012 - September 7, 2012

Gasp for Air


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