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THE LAST RITES UNIVERSE was created with the idea of bringing fantasy writers together. Is this the most original idea? No. Does it go beyond that? Oh yes indeed.
I am currently self-publishing my first novel, Last Rites: Divine Intervention, and the idea is to use this publicity to promote a whole universe of fantasy writing and poetry. The website will feature short stories, poetry and links to full-length novels. This is where the members of the group, YOU, come in. By submitting material to this group, I will also review it and then later re-post, with your permission, to the Last Rites website. If you are a fantasy author, I can include any links with your material so you can promote as much of your own work as you like as well. In the end, once we get to know each other, there is chances of possibly working together on some pieces or add your content to the world I created, and in the end we have our own created fantasy world.

The website will be designed for both material related to my Last Rites series, and unrelated fantasy material can be displayed, so if you have your own world and ideas, it doesn't mean you can't participate.

Legendary writers in the past have created legendary lands of imagination. I believe through the union of,, and, we can all link together and create this new world. Please join today!

Notes: OPEN MEMBERSHIP, ANYBODY CAN POST RELATED MATERIAL (but only selections will be posted to the LAST RITES website, with your permission), AND I ENCOURAGE YOU TO INVITE YOUR FRIENDS.


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