The Silly Kids


come here join the funniest people on writers cafe. you post anything silly stupid, annoying odd random, idiotic, kooky, silly ,outrageous. this Group is for the kid at heart. you can even post a funny topic anything! : )

New Writing

Snow Snow

A Poem by Steve Kittell

Hamper Hamper

A Poem by Steve Kittell

Bunny Bunny

A Poem by Steve Kittell

Age of Consent Age of Consent

A Screenplay by Cahjli Symes

Garbaggio Garbaggio

A Story by ZackOfBridge

Ew Ew

A Poem by fakingsupah

Carl's Books Carl's Books

A Screenplay by zwmorris

The New Kid The New Kid

A Poem by Observer

My Tree and Me My Tree and Me

A Poem by

A Dialogue scene A Dialogue scene

A Story by

That Hilbilly That Hilbilly

A Poem by Elijah

That Ornament That Ornament

A Poem by Elijah

Blippen Blippen

A Stage Play by Deron Anthony

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