What's Wrong With Writerscafe?


Alright. Enough is enough!

I'm tired of sticking around a site that has gone completely to hell hoping despondently that it will get back on track. If you're tired too, then you need to get in this group!

In case you hadn't noticed, there is NO moderation on this site, Charlie's checked out, so if we want control of our own community, we're going to have to do our own moderating. We have to set our own ethics standards, quality control, and review regulations. We have to label ourselves according to experience so reviewers know what we're looking for in a review. We need a �bash button� so reviewers know who is looking for raw brutally-honest critiques and who is just looking for praise. We need to have a level system that writers place THEMSELVES into that control the caliber of reviews they get and the value of the reviews they give. We need a like it/don't like it survey option on stories as an alternative to reviews or leaving short �i liked it� comments. Most importantly, we need to draft a writers version of the Slackers Pledge, circulate it around the Cafe and have everyone post it up on their profiles, we don't interact with anyone who doesn't display the pledge.

DO NOT just sit back and let your community go to the dumps, it's YOUR community. We need to take control of it because no one else is stepping up. I need all the veteran writers and everyone who is ticked off at the general state of this place to gather in one town hall. This isn't a lost cause, we can still salvage this place from dying completely. The choice is clear.

Join or die!

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