Life is like a Book; Those who do not travel read only one page

CLONBUR, Co. Mayo, Ireland
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About Me

Hi there and welcome to my profile!

Feel free to add me, pop me a message, send on a read request (I promise I will eventually get around too it!)

I've wrote stories, poems and songs since I was a toddler, it's a big part of my life and part of everything I do.


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Posted 12 Years Ago

Mother Nature, you gave me life, and I thank you. You formed the earth from the swirling dust of the cosmos, and I thank you. You filled the seas and the land with plants that give us air to breathe and food to eat, and I thank you. You placed animals among the plants. They are our brothers and sisters. For them I thank you. You have given us wood for our houses, stone for our roads, fiber for our clothing. You gave us the means to live in comfort. I thank you for the comfort in which I live. I thank you for the tools of civilization. Grant that I may use them wisely. Grant that I may live in your bounty. Grant that I may remember that I am your child and that my life depends on you. May I and those that come after me treasure you and care for you. May your spirit fill me and guide my ways. Let me move beyond all walls so that I may be one with you.

( by Tom Barrett )