The Fence Chapter 5

The Fence Chapter 5

A Chapter by +MourningDove+

It’s no use. Nobody crosses the fence. They can try, but they won’t make it. Nobody makes it. There will be another attempt today, and everyone will be there. I don’t see why they even try.


* * *


I kept running.

Down the hall, down the stairs.

I tripped over something, what I don’t know, but I don’t get up. I just keep my face pressed down to the cool floor, feeling the tears run down my face.


         I want Michael to come to me, no longer broken.

   I want Todd to come to me, the Todd that’s my friend.

   I want everything that I can’t have.

I have to get up. The halls are so quiet.

I have to get up. Where the hell is everyone?

I have to get up.

I need to see Michael.

I need to hide from Todd.

“Hello? Andrea?” Someone’s touching my arm. “Andy? You’re scaring me.” I know this voice.   “Hey Andy, snap out of it.” This is a different voice, but I know it too.

“Andrea?” It’s the first voice again. The voice sounds panicked. I want to tell her not to worry, but I feel trapped, I can’t move, I can’t speak, I can’t see. Yet I can feel the hot tears running down my face.

“C’mon Andy stop it,”

The voice, the first voice is Lee-Anne.

“Yeah, she’s scaring me too, should we call someone?”

The second voice is Jasmine. She sounds scared too. “Don’t worry guys,” I want to tell them, but I can’t. My voice echoes around in my self-conscience. Then there’s another voice, then another.

“You got her?” James.

“Is she ok?” Jack.

    There’s hardly a difference in their voices, seeing as they are identical twins, but living with them for a year gives you time to differentiate. They both sound panicked. Why does everyone sound so scared? So I’ve been out of their sight for a few minutes, big deal. Has it been a few minutes?

I can’t tell.

But it’s not like I’m a child who’ll get them selves hurt if they don’t have constant watching. What’s wrong? Someone’s moving me. I don’t want to move. I can still feel myself crying, and this intrigues me.

   Why am I still crying? Someone has picked me up and put me over their shoulder like a doll.

“Do I got her?” James asks. Where are they taking me?

“You’ve got her as good as you’ll ever have her,” Sighs Lee-Anne.

“Be careful please,” she warns James. “Jasmine, I’m going to go find Rose, Cody, and Todd to tell them we’ve got Andrea, they’ll being freaking out if I don’t. Just stay with James and Jake, make sure they get her to the infirmary ok.” I listened to Lee-Anne’s footsteps as she ran off.

   We walked for a little longer in silence until someone opened a door and my nose stung with the scent of all too clean sanitary bleach and blood.

We’d reached the infirmary.

I heard a few mumbles and then one voice rang out.

“What are you bringing her here for? I’ve got my hands full with this Michael kid.”

Michael is here.

  My eyelids fluttered open for a moment but nobody saw because my face was buried in James’s back.

“Jasmine and Lee-Anne found her lying in the hall crying.” Jake said bravely.

“Well I’m not here to solve your emotional problems.” The head doctor replied curtly, voice ringing out into the deadly silence just like before.

“She was unconscious, her muscles are limp, she hasn’t move and she won’t or can’t wake up.” James snapped. “Aren’t you supposed to be the doctor?” Jake said threateningly. “Help her.” Silence filled the room and my head with a tense stillness that could only be broken with one word spoken from person’s lips.


“Michael,” I sighed, just loud enough for him to hear. There was a rush of action, some going away from me, some towards me.

“He’s awake, put him back under!”

“A dosage that high could be harmful, we just gave him some!”

“Well, didn’t work, now did it? Give him more!”

“But-“Michaels scream of pain cut her off.

“Do it now!”

Michael screamed again.

While I was distracted by the doctor and nurse's debate on medication, I hadn’t noticed that they’d put me on a hospital bed. Something foul was under my nose. Where they using the smelling salt technique? That was stupid.

“Ok look, they need as much help as they can get over there with Michael, so you try and get her up, Il come back to try and help you again as soon as I can…” one of the nurses said quickly and scurried off.

    I heard I one last muffled scream from Michael, and then there was silence. The only noises I heard for a while was shallow breathing, until I heard a nurse come over.

“So what exactly happened with her?” she said warily, but vaguely curious. I heard jack sigh “ well, after the fight, she kinda, I don’t, passed out? Yeah, passed out. So then Todd got her back to the room, said he’d handle her, and-“

“okay, that’s not what happened jack, you’re skipping all the details, so go and find James or something and do, I don’t know, whatever you do with your life.” Jasmine snapped. “this nurse needs to know EVERYTHING.” I heard jack make a "harumpf" noise and get out of his chair to leave. The door opened and closed again, and then there was silence. 

   I knew what jasmine meant by everything, because the nurse, Becca, used to live in our dorm before she was selected for infirmary duty.

“Okay now you can hear the real story becky. Boys can be so unaware of the emotional climate around them.” Jasmine said in a tone that could be a cross between affectionate and annoyed. “Well, that’s what makes them what they are, jazzy” becca sighed. “So anyways, tell me what really happened.” She said distracted, and I heard metal clanking a metal surface and soft moans in agony as I faded out again.

© 2011 +MourningDove+

Author's Note

This may be the end for awhile.. I dont know, not forever though.. please review

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...Ella said everything I was thinking. Times thirty five. 'Cause thirty five is a really great number.

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oh nooo micheal ahhhhh!!!! YOU NEED TO WRITE MORE BEFORE I EAT YOU NO DO IT!!!!!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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