Part 1

Part 1

A Chapter by TheMizFit

Cassadee’s POV:


I locked myself in my room as my parents brought Cassandra to the airport. Cassandra is my sister. She’s older by 5 years. Ever since I started thinking, Cassandra had always been a competition in my eyes. Every time I found a way to show my parents I’m worthy of their trust, care, love and attention, she’d always find a way to steal the idea from me.

The reason my parents never trusted me or loved me as much as they did with Sandra was my dream.

I want to be a rock star. That was my dream. Ever since I was four years old, I always wanted to be a rock star. I wanted to touch people with music, rock music, specifically. Apparently, this didn’t appeal to my parents. They thought that just because I blast this really loud music, put on posters of rock and metal bands all over my bedroom’s wall and dress up like a rock star, I wouldn’t grow up to be a good person. They thought I’d be a bad girl.

I’m going to live up to our parents’ expectations and be a lawyer. That was Sandra’s dream. I know deep inside her, she wanted to be a photographer but thinking that our parents’ attention was everything, she pursued being a lawyer.

My parents are bringing Sandra to the airport because she’d study in a high-ranking school to study law. She’s still young, yes, but she’s smart, or at least she pushed herself to be. She excelled in all of the subjects, making her accelerate levels. Twice.

“Now, if only you could be like your sister.” Was the last thing my mother told me before they left the house. It hurt, coming from someone from your family. Someday. Someday, they’d all regret doing this to me. I’m planning on finding a band and dropping out of school and just plainly leaving this place.


Matthew’s POV:


“Let’s just have you as our vocalist for now, Matt,” Zack suggested as we decided to practice the songs that we would play in Wallace’s bar. “We’ll find an official vocalist. Let’s just wait.” I nodded as I signaled them to go to their positions; Zack behind the drums, Echo with his bass, Scott with his guitar, and there’s me, also with my guitar.


Yeah, yeah.

Here we go again.

You’re messing up with me.

You think you’re better than me?

Prove it, prove it.


There’s more to me.

There’s more than what you see.

There’s more to me,

Why can’t you see?


“God, that part’s hard,” I said as I failed to sing the last line of the second verse. “I don’t really sing, you know. I do guitar solos but I don’t sing.” I said, but making sure I didn’t sound like I was complaining.

“I understand that, Matt, but where the hell could we get a female vocalist in 5 days who could learn these songs really fast. Or at least a male vocalist who could sing these.” Zack asked, obviously he was worried.

“We have to play there. It’s our only chance to fame,” Scott added. We all nodded in agreement. “But until we get a vocalist, we should stick with Matt singing.”

“That will definitely bring us down, obviously.” I joked around, but there was a truth in what I said. We all just laughed. We laugh at our problems. We’re weird.



2 Days Later


Cassadee’s POV:


After another argument with my mother regarding me wanting to take voice lessons, I decided it was best to leave the house for a while. I went to the grocery with some of my money. I decided to buy some guilty pleasure foods.

It took me around 10 minutes to get to the grocery store. I didn’t mind taking time, though. I wanted to go away from the house as long as possible even though I didn’t think 9 year-olds should run away from home.

I browsed the grocery store for a while. Whatever catches my eye will be bought.

If there’s one thing that’s people first know about me, it’s that I can’t last a minute or two not singing.

“I tear my heart open, I sew myself shut. My weakness is that I care too much. My scars remind me that the past is real…” I sang my heart out to Papa Roach’s Scars, not caring at all whoever would hear me because I don’t see any person near me.


Matthew’s POV:


That was talent. Pure talent. I was hearing someone from the next aisle in the grocery store. She was what our band needed. I knew just by those few lines from that song that she’d nail our songs.

I decided I should follow her and talk to her about it. As I went to the next aisle, I saw a girl. Yes, a girl. I guessed she was about 7 or 8. Should I ask her about it? I mean, she’s still young. Well, it’s worth a try.

“Uhm, hello?” I said as I tapped her shoulder lightly. She turned around and I saw a beautiful girl, honestly. This was all a miracle. Great voice, beautiful face, who wouldn’t say yes to our band if she becomes the singer?

“Yes?” she said in an innocent but warned voice.

“I just heard you singing…” I didn’t know what to say next.

“Oh, sorry if that bothered you, I just couldn’t stand not singing. I’m going to stop if you want to.”

“No, no, no, no,” I said just to stop her from walking away. “Actually, your voice is really awesome. I was wondering if you’d like to be a singer.” I saw hope and glee on her face. By that, my heart started to beat so fast.

“Well, that depends,” she said. I hope she doesn’t say she wanted to be a solo artist. “If you’re going to make me a solo artist, I would say no, but then… I wouldn’t want to be in a pop band. I want to be in a rock band. I want to be a vocalist for a rock, can be metal, band.” I was speechless with what she said. My spirits rose about a hundred feet high. I just know she’s going to be a good luck for us.

“That’s it! I-I’m a guitarist for a hard rock band and we’re playing at a bar on Friday, which is four day from now and we’re in big need of a vocalist. Do you think you could be our vocalist?”

“Sure! I really want to be a vocalist. But am I not too young for the bar or something?” she inquired.

“How old are you? We’re just going to need any of your parent’s consent.” A sad and hopeless emotion started to appear out of her face. Now I don’t feel good about this.

“I’m nine and I’d really like to sing for your band but then is it okay if I don’t have consent from my parents?”

“Why not?”

“They won’t allow me, obviously.”

“Then I guess you can’t, sorry.”

“No! I really want to. You know, why don’t we practice the songs we’ll play on Friday? And what’s the name of your band?”

She was determined about this. She’s only 9, near to what I guessed. 6 years younger than me. She insisted on it

So much that I brought her to our garage and we started practicing the songs. She was pure genius. I’d die a little inside if she won’t be able to sing for our band; Confessions.



1 Year After


Cassadee’s POV:


“No, we’re not allowing you; you’re too young for this! And you’re surrounded by guys!” My father shouted to me as I tried to explain to them the band I’m in for a year already. “Why can’t you be like your sister?” My father shouted so loud that it hurt my eardrums and my feelings. Zack, Matt, Echo and Scott all looked up at me as I stood up. Honestly, I’ve had enough of this.

“I can’t be like my sister! Why can’t you just accept that fact? Two record labels want this band already, why can’t you be happy for me because I’m on my way to my dream? What kind of parents are you?” I shouted back at my father. Matt tried to stop me, but I’m not going to stop now.

“And this is what you learn from these guys?” my mother interjected.

“No! This is what I learn from you! Now, if you don’t want to agree with this, I’ll just forget I asked a parent at all and just sign that deal!” I breathed in and out deeply. “I’ve had enough!”

Everything else that happened that day was a blur. I left my house officially. This is not the first time but I got scars from my parents. After leaving the house, my problem was where I would stay, but luckily, Zack’s mother allowed me to stay in with them.



4 Years After


Matthew’s POV:


“Cass, are you okay?” I asked Cass as she fell silent after reading an e-mail, all of a sudden.

“Baby?” Zack said because I got no reply.

“Baby Cass?” Scott inquired after Zack not getting a reply from Cass. If you’re wondering, Scott and Zack calls Cass ‘Baby Cass’ because she’s the youngest. We all got used to it anyways.

“What?” she said as she went back to the real world. “Oh, sorry. It’s just… this.” She said as she signaled us to read the e-mail she got. It was from her parents whom she never spoke about for 4 years.

It read:


Dear Cassadee,


     We know that it has been four years since you left and we were never able to talk to you ever since then. We just wanted to say that we’re sorry. We regret having to doubt your abilities. We are such bad parents and we regret that so much. You are now all over the news and television. You succeeded even without us.

     If you decide that you forgive us, we’re still in the same address. We’re really sorry.



Your Parents, Carlos and Sarah


“So, have you decided?” I asked after reading the letter.

“Can we play a show first?” she said as one of our roadies told us we only had 15 minutes before the show started. I know she was trying to avoid the question, but she can’t avoid it forever.


Cassadee’s POV:


“Matt,” I said as we were left alone in the balcony of Zack’s house. I’m still living here since Zack’s mom who happens to love me so much thought that I was still young to have my own house. “I have to tell you something.” I always tell everything to Matt first. I always told him he’s like the older sibling I never really felt like I had, but that’s what I say. Matt, to my eyes, was someone who I loved, but I know that can’t be since he just notices me as his younger sister, considering that he’s 6 years older than me.

“What is it about?” he said, concerned as usual.

“About the e-mail I got yesterday,” I started. “I decided I want to talk to my parents again. See I they really changed. I’m not entirely forgiving them, but I think after I talk to them, I would. What do you think?”

“Well, we don’t have a show for 10 days, we could go with you there.” He said with a smile on his face. I knew he was dying to know my say on the topic since I managed to avoid it for one whole day.


We told about it to the other guys and they all agreed.


My heart beat very fast as we neared to my old house. I wanted to go back to Zack’s place and just rest there until the next show but I know that would not be permitted by the guys, especially Matt.

I’m now staring up at the house I used to live in. I rang the doorbell twice and I heard people moving inside. Three people, to be exact. So Sandra was with them already. As the thought of her went into my mind, I felt hatred. I just know something would go wrong with her around.

“Cassadee!” Sandra shouted as she opened the door, ready to hug me.

“Where are your parents?” I said, giving her the look that I she wasn’t the reason I went there.

“They’re inside, Cassadee, and don’t be silly, they’re your parents, too. Mom! Dad! It’s Cassadee!” As Sandra said it, I saw my parents appear out of nowhere.

“Cass, you came back. We’re really sorry. Come in, come in.” They said and we all went in. We went to the living room and sat down. The house never really changed.

“Cass, chill, okay?” Matt whispered unexpectedly to me and that sent chills throughout my body. I nodded.

The conversation went on smoothly, mostly my parents talking about how much I’ve grown, how much they missed me and how much they regret what they did years ago. After all the talk, I was able to forgive them; my parents, not Sandra.

“So, how’s your life, Cassadee? I’m a big fan of Confessions.” Sandra said as silence fell between all of us.

“Thanks.” I heard Matt say which made me turn around and look at him. The look on his face broke my heart. He seemed so into Sandra. Now I understand why I still hate her, but this isn’t right.

“Life’s great,” I told all of them. “Until now.” I whispered and Zack looked at me like he was about to laugh. Luckily, no one heard what I added except for him.

The day went on just with us talking and everything. The more I stayed and talked with them, the more I feel worse. I was feeling something I couldn’t understand.






© 2011 TheMizFit

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