Part 2

Part 2

A Chapter by TheMizFit

3 Days Later


Matthew’s POV:


Negating the few things that Cass told me about Sandra, Sandra was a really nice person. She was fun to be with and she’s really funny. I see the family resemblance between her and Cass. Ever since that day that I met Sandra, I’ve been pretty close to her and I feel like I’m away from Cass already. I didn’t like that, I tried talking to her about it but she’d always avoid it and it’s starting to be annoying.

“So, I’ve never really asked you about this but how is it to be Cass’ sister?” I asked Sandra as we lost track of our conversation which went from one topic to another.

“Oh, honestly, it’s annoying. She’s very emotional and it’s annoying. She’d always lock herself up in her room and everything. She hates me so much because she doesn’t want to admit the fact that I’m better than her.” I thought what Sandra said was very straightforward but really honest.


Cassadee’s POV:


Things weren’t going really well between Matt and I after the day I went back and talked to my parents. I felt like I lost a brother and a best friend. It sucked big time.

“Hey Baby Cass!” Zack said cheerfully as he sat down next to me in front of the television.

“You’re so happy.” I stated a fact that was obvious, which was really me. I always did that.

“Well, that’s because I finally have you on my own,” he said and I looked at him weirdly. “I’ve been dying to tell you something and it’s going to be really straightforward.”

“Hit me.”

“Cassadee Blake Pope, it’s been three years already that I’ve been keeping this and now here it goes,” he started. It was weird because he never really calls me with my real name. “I love you,” I stared at him as he said that. It was hard to believe because we always treated each other like siblings, him being older by 3 years. “I know you can’t believe it but it’s true. Ever since you were 11. You were everything I liked in a girl. I love you, but I know you don’t feel the same way, too. I know that you feel something for Matt. You were just scared to tell him because he might not treat you the same when you do and you’re afraid because he’s six years older than you. Now, you’re jealous of your sister. I know it all, I see it in your eyes, Cass, and I want to help you although I know it’s going to hurt me. A lot.”

“What?” I said in disbelief.

“You want me to repeat it?”

“No! I said what in the sense that I couldn’t believe it, not in the sense that I didn’t hear you,” I said. “But… are you serious?”

“You want to know if I’m serious… okay,” I wasn’t expecting it but he started to kiss me. I understood after a few seconds what he meant with ‘You want to know if I’m serious.’ And now I’m sure he’s dead serious. “I’m serious. But obviously, I can’t have you, so I’m letting you go, but I’m going to make sure you’re happy.”

“You don’t have to. Matt can have my sister.” I said trying to sound like it was okay with me. My voice was convincing but I’m sure my eyes betrayed me.

“Eyes tell a different thing,” he said which confirmed the fact that my eyes betrayed me. “Don’t worry. I’ll get him to talk to you,” he said as he stood up, but before he could walk away, he turned to me and said, “And don’t forget I was your first kiss.” This guy never fails to make me smile.



Matthew’s POV:


“Matt, it came to my senses that you haven’t been talking to Cass as much as usual.” Zack told me out of nowhere while we were watching television.

“She doesn’t want to talk about what I want to talk about with her,” I sighed. “In short, no offense, she’s being annoying.”

“You know how she goes. You know how her family was like to her. You can’t expect someone like her to just be okay with everything,” Zack said in defense to what I said. This kid should seriously go tell her that he loves her before somebody else steals her heart. “I know I’m the youngest dude in this band, with Echo being the oldest, a month older than you and then there goes Scott who’s a year older than me, but I honestly think I have the most wisdom in this band. You should go talk to her. Don’t talk about her sister to her right away. It would be easy for you to start a conversation with her as long as you don’t start with her family.”

“Okay, Mr. Wiseman.” I said as I stood up and motioned to Cass’ room.

I knocked on the door, hoping she would hear it because she was blasting music very loud. After a while, she opened it and she greeted me with bloodshot eyes, well, not totally, but somehow.


“Cass, I need to talk to�"”

“If this is about Sandra or my family, we don’t have to. I know I’m an annoying b***h by always avoiding that but sorry, Matt, I can’t be like my sister.” What she said hit me so hard, like she knew what I was thinking. She closed the door but I stopped it.

“No. I just�"just want to talk to you about anything. We haven’t been talking for a few days, you know, and being your closest friend in this band, I ought to say sorry.”

“No need to say sorry. It was also my fault,” She said as she opened her door and let me in. She motioned to her computer and stopped the music. I sat on her bed and she sat next to me. “Zack talked to you?” I nodded. “Thought so, he told me he’d talk to you about it, didn’t want to be stopped.” She smiled but the smile didn’t look real.

I talked to her about random things. She was able to tell me that Zack confessed but refused to tell me why Zack let her go like that.

“Guys,” Zack called from the door. Apparently, he heard the last few things we talked about. “Goodness, Cass. I know it’s hard but I was able to do it. Why don’t you do it, too? Confess, like our band name.” A few seconds after Zack left us alone, I didn’t understand what he said. Cass and I were left in total silence.

“What?” I said out of nowhere, understanding what Zack just said. Cass looked up at me. She looked warned, innocent, like the first time I saw her. “Was Zack telling the truth or was he drunk?”

“R�"reason why he let me go that fast,” Cass said, obviously, her throat was dry. “Because, because he knew t�"that I had feelings for someone else, and unfortunately,” she gave out a fake laugh for a second before proceeding, “that someone else is you, Matt. But I think I’d just do what Zack did and let you go, too. First of all, I’m too young for you. Secondly, I know you’re starting to develop feelings for my sister, which isn’t a shocker. She’s better than me. She’s gets everything I want or have,” she sighed. “We could still be friends, right? Friends, not best friends because that would already be awkward.” I nodded. For the first time in a long time, I’m at loss for words. Cass stood up.

“Just friends.” I repeated. Cass nodded sadly.

“Okay, I’m going to sleep now, good night.” She said as she signaled me to the door. I went out and she closed the door right away.



4 Years Later


Cassadee’s POV:


“Is everyone having a great time?” I asked the crowd as I finished the fourth song for this show. The crowd cheered. Even after four years, our band, fortunately, is still on the top. This is what I always dreamed of.

“Now, the next song is for all of you out there, whose hearts got broken because you let go of someone you love to make them happy,” As I said those words, the crowd cheered, I knew they all know this song. I wrote it with Zack four years ago. The irony. “Is there anyone here like that? Raise your hands!” I said and a lot of people raised their hands, including Zack and I.

“Guess who wrote this song.” Zack asked and I laughed.

“Now, sing along if you know the lyrics and you can relate to it. Sing your heart out!” The drums started and then the guitars, too.


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!



It wasn’t easy, letting you know now.

You think it’s as simple letting the words out?

Well, let me tell you, no! (No, No, No)


I lied when I told you that I’m happy for you

This smile is a lie, too!

Don’t judge me for saying what I feel

‘Cause no, it’s not easy to heal.


These words, these words I said

These words, these words by a thousand voices!

And I know, I know, I should let go of you

Let go of you

Let go of what remains… it’s all for you.


Hey, hey, hey!


These lyrics don’t apply to me anymore. Matt ended up with Sandra, which didn’t end up so well. Sandra just flirted with Matt for the fame. And I, Cassadee Pope, ended up with the guy who gave me my first kiss, Zack.


Matthew’s POV:


“Wow. I had a blast!” Scott exclaimed as we went backstage after the show, preparing for the album signing.

“Best show for the week.” Echo added. I rolled my eyes jokingly.

“This is our only show for the week.” Scott told Echo. And they just started to hit each other out of nowhere. No wonder people always made Jett (Jericho + Scott) fan fictions.

“Happy first anniversary, baby.” Zack told Cass when he thought no one was listening.

“Happy anniversary, Zack.” Cass grinned at him. “I love you.” And with that, she kissed him.

“Ready for the signing?” one of our roadies said and we all nodded.


“Cass,” I said when I saw that she wasn’t asleep yet because she climbed down her bed to get something. We were inside our bus and the three others were asleep. “Can I talk to you?” I said as she climbed up to her bed.

“Sure.” She said quietly so she wouldn’t wake Zack up. They were sleeping in the same bed.

“You know that song I wrote, ‘Regrets and Confessions’?” I started. “I wrote that for you.”

“I figured.”

“You did?”

“Yeah, just didn’t tell you.”

“Oh,” I said but she didn’t reply. “So? Will I ever have a chance again?”

“Can you sing the third line of the second verse?” she said and I could hear the smile in her face.

But I know it’s too late for me to have you.” I sang the line, that line the means so much.

“Exactly,” she said. “Goodnight, Matt. You should’ve realized you felt this way for me earlier.”

I know by that I had to move on. I was too late. Everything was too late.



© 2011 TheMizFit

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