A Chapter by Adelise Eclair

is nostalgia


When petals fall....


It never ends....


The towering Wall...


Her soul ascends....


As I stand upon this lonely grave. I look up at the sky, veiled in its ever so cerulean glory. I perk up a smile as I recall a memory of long, long ago, a memory of a child smiling happily hand in hand with his dear mother. The image alone brings a tear to my eye in which I hastily wipe off.


Hi mom it’s been a long time since my last visit. School has been busy and going to the cemetery takes 3 hours of travel by car. Good thing uncle Rhodes was kind enough to take me here. Well this cemetery is right by the place he was actually planning to go so I can’t stay for too long. 

How’s it going up there? Are you happy? Are your worries and pains at long last gone?


You know ever since you left, I've been feeling kind of lonely. Heh, It’s pathetic don’t you think? A high school kid getting lonely all because he misses his mommy the thought of it alone is quite pitiful. Even though I told myself that I would be strong. I told myself the same when dad left, that I would be strong for the both of us, but your gone now. It’s only me left. When I think about it my own pride shatters and I can’t help but to deny the very futility of it all. I can’t help but deny the fact that I can’t do anything.



Mom Sorry!  

Don’t mind my rambles. 

Its puberty making my emotions go in circles. It does this every now and then so don’t let it get to you. I’m fine. Everything’s alright. 

The kid that wouldn't let go of his mommy’s hand doesn't exist anymore. He’s grown through the years. It can’t be helped that he gets lonely once in awhile. loneliness is but a passing sentiment. That’s why you don’t have to worry. 

Not anymore....


My dearest mother....


One like no other.....


Your love so pure...


Once was my cure....


Your cold hands...


What fate stands...


Forgive me....




© 2013 Adelise Eclair

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Added on May 1, 2013
Last Updated on May 1, 2013
Tags: Romance, teen fiction, drama, tragedy, slice of life, poetic, family, obsessive love, sadness
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