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The epilogue to Iroh's tale


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One more thing: I have recently been captured by the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. :) It is amazing! I suggest it to anyone who enjoys Greek History/Mythology. Anyway, I have recently just "entered" into their fandom. I usually ignore the Avatar: the Last Airbender fandom after I recently become a part of another one. However, I will return to Avatar: the Last Airbender. I always do. :P I just love this show too much. :P

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"Regardless of what one thinks of the Shipping Eon," Iroh continued, "it must be noted that the great nations of Kataang, Sukka, and Maiko were eventually joined by another nation. This new nation was one of nomads, descendants of defeated nations, such as Zutara, Taang, Ty Lokka, Hatara, Jetara, etc. that were determined to right the wrongs of their ancestors.


"At first, this new nation was regarded with some suspicion by the other three but they were eventually accepted by the other nations. Over the course of several years, the four nations went through a spiritual metamorphosis. Maiko, after many, many years of fighting were tired and shifted most of their population to the poles. There the most spiritual of their people learned the art of bending water, learning from watching how the moon pushed and pulled the tides of the ocean. Thus the Water Tribes were created.


"The sheer size of Sukka and the diversity of its people caused them to switch their population to the eastern continent. There, two cursed lovers learned the art of earthbending from the badgermoles. While never truly united, the Earth Kingdom learned to stay together through the practice of earthbending. Even though the Earth Kingdom was officially a monarchy with their king in Ba Sing Se, it would be more accurate to call it a confederation of nations because to this day, many large Earth Kingdom cities have their own king such as Omashu.


"The people of the Kataang after surviving 610 years of war were tired. But in their hearts, the passion for aggression and war still burned after so many centuries of. With their population greatly dwindled, they moved their population to volcano dominated Western Continent. A group of people known as the Sun Warriors learned the art of firebending from the dragons. Together, they helped unite the nation with this art. This nation was very industrial and powerful. At first, the Fire Nation was ruled by a group of people known as the Fire Sages. However, this was not to last for long. Fire Lord Sozin, a descendant of King Vikram, would soon establish a monarchy. He was a very passionate person and a dedicated person to his nation. To this day, his descendants rule the Fire Nation.


"From the Sky Bison, the nomadic nation learned airbending. They learned how to control air and they are known to be the most peaceful and dynamic of the four nations. Since all of the Air Nomads were so spiritual and lived to a strict daily moral code, they are the only nation in which every person is a bender.


"After the creation of the four nations early on, the world entered into an era of relative peace. However, it was not to last for long. Soon human nature, lustful for power, would abuse the art of the bending disciplines. The benders of the world from three of the four nations: Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, and Water Tribes, would make attempts to seize power from the non-benders. The Air Nomads disapproved of this and refused to take part. When the benders of the other nations tried to recruit the Air Nomads, they saw the true fury of airbending and no one ever dared to face the Air Nomads again for a long time. The stereotype that airbending was the weakest of the bending was quickly dismissed when it was revealed that a single airbender had the power to create a tornado powerful enough to destroy a whole city. However, because of the Air Nomads' peaceful lifestyle, this side of them is rarely seen.


"The war between the benders and non-benders continued for 150 years. It seemed that this war would never come to an end. But a person was born that was descended from all four nations: his mother was a daughter of a firebender and an earthbender, and his father was a son of an airbender and a waterbender. Soon it was obvious that he could bend all four of the elements. By the age of twenty, he mastered all four of the elements and put an end to the war, establishing peace between the benders and non-benders. This person was Prathama, the Spirit of Balance, the World, and the Universe, better known as the Avatar. He was soon joined by Matra, the Spirit of Peace. Their love was as eternal as time itself.


"Soon after Prathama and Matra died, a new girl was born into the Southern Water Tribe. After she began showing signs of being able to bend all four elements, a group of sages declared her Prathama's successor and the new Avatar. Thus the Avatar is reincarnated through the four nations in order to keep balance between the four nations of the world as well as keep balance between the forces of good and evil. For without evil, there is no good.


"Then, three thousand years after Prathama brought balance between benders and non-benders, Fire Lord Sozin began the Hundred Years' War. For one hundred years Fire Lords Sozin, Azulon, and Ozai devastated the world and destroyed the natural balance of the physical world. Five years ago today, at the Battle of Wulong Forest Avatar Aang brought Fire Lord Ozai to his knees non-violently. And so, the Avatar brought balance to the world once more.


"And so, the Great Five of the now Fire Lord Zuko, Avatar Aang, Water Princess Katara, Earth Queen Toph, and Southern Water Prince Sokka triumphed once more. Prince Sokka would find true love in the form of Lady Suki. The two would be married. Fire Lord Zuko would go back to find his childhood love: Fire Lady Mai and the two would be married and establish an era of peace and love over the Fire Nation. Avatar Aang too would find love, in the form of the Southern Water Princess Katara, who had delivered him from his self-imposed iceberg prison. The two now live happily. As for Queen Toph, she too found true love in the form of an old friend: Haru. The two now peacefully rule over the Earth Kingdom.


"And thus the nations of Kataang, Maiko, and Sukka prevailed once more. May an era of peace, love, and unity lead us into the future."


And thus the story of the Shipping Eon ended. A tale of love, honor, deceit, and ruthlessness…

And it's done! Phew! lol. Anyway, I personally believe that any pairing opposed to Kataang ever had a chance. I had to force myself to actually include any opposition to Kataang in this fic. So yes, to me TWS, and anything else that you Zutarians think was "proof" of Zutara, it's nothing but a huge mound of bullshit. :P Sorry, I meant no offense to that. :P


But come on people: "I can save you from the pirates." "Go jump in the river!" That's sign of true love? You guys are deluding yourselves. :P


Anyway, make sure you guys review before you guys leave! :)


Also, I might do another version of the epilogue and post it up later. I don't know when, or if I even will, but it might be something you guys want to look for. :)

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