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I love to dance. It makes me feel alive.





I love to dance. 


I feel free and confident when I dance.  I feel artistic and creative.  It makes me feel alive.


Sometimes, when I’m not dancing, I forget I’m alive.  I think it has something to do with my broken heart. All because of the choices I made and the choices made for me.


Choices.  The world is full of choices.  The whole world is a reflection of our choices and our sins.


Personally, I don’t understand my sin.  It confuses me.


On some days, I don’t know whether I’m the sinner or the saint, the criminal or the victim.  I suffer and I’m praised, but I don’t know why. 


I think it’s because other people tell me what I should think. What they tell me is not so pretty.  There’s a lot of hatred in this pretty world of ours. 


Maybe the whole murder thing has something to do with it.  It makes sense… I guess. But does it have to? I’m not so convinced. 


I think sometimes murder is justified.  I don’t think the sinner is responsible for the sin.  Sometimes murder is the only way to end a vicious circle.  The only way to stop it is by killing what caused it. Destroy the responsible party.


Some homicides are vindicated, just like some sins. 


Although I may not understand it, I do believe in sin.  I believe in people doing the right thing and the wrong.  I think virtue is choosing against instinct. Deciding against what we want and desire. Ergo, sin is when we embrace our instinct.   


What a shame.


Instincts can be very pleasurable.  I like pleasure.  I covet it.  I would choose to sin over and over, again and again, that is if I could. 


And yet if you knew me, if you really knew me, I’m pretty certain you would view me as a saint. Most people consider me strong, brave, and a talented dancer.  Most see me as something horrifyingly beautiful, so much... they refer to me as 'mesmerizing'. My dance talents can hypnotize, despite my homeliness. 


Yeah, I really love dancing.  It makes me feel alive.


Saint, Velvet.  That’s my name by the way.  Now that we’ve made introductions, we can get down to business.  Just like best friends should. 


And so my story begins.  It's a dance.  A dance dvided into three acts.


Three acts, three attempts, to make you fall in love with the mystery, the murder, the victim, and the criminal.


Act 1


Act 1 is about the criminal and the victim. It provides a summary of the causal evidence, but I warn you it’s all from my perspective.


I titled it “The Death.” It’s the crux of the mystery. It’s the: 


Here’s what happened?  These are the people affected?  This is what I had to endure?  Here’s how it was done? And why it was so convenient?


You know, all the typical questions surrounding a mystery. 


But Act 1 doesn’t provide the whole story.  It doesn’t tell you the real emotions, the love, or what I like to call the swan. I’ve saved that for Act 2. 


Act 2


I call Act 2 “The Love Story.”  It's an intriguing performance.  A dance of many.


It’s the struggle between the sinner and the saint.  It’s the elimination of lovers, and the sins associated with each one. How I battled my past to conquer each love and each sin.  It’s the only way to solve the crime and trace down what happened to the broken heart. 


Act 3? 


Well, let just call it the end.  The final dance so to speak. 

© 2010 B MacGregor

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Oh wow, you really pulled the reader in here. Onwards!

Posted 10 Years Ago

So far incredibly unique and thought provoking. I'm actually going to keep reading through this......

Posted 10 Years Ago

So many different thoughts into one idea. The effect it gives is great. Can't wait to read it!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Keep going, please. I'm rooting for you.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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