The Bachelor Romance, Volume 100-500, 600-1500: The Aftermath Version 500.05.55

The Bachelor Romance, Volume 100-500, 600-1500: The Aftermath Version 500.05.55

A Chapter by ♛ Monet Madden 📪🍹

Today is as good as the future. Deep, true love only lasted once in a life time.

Cordovaf Crown Prince, Prince Chris. says goodbye to the American Princess Chau Madden  Lively after that Bachelor event.
The Princess played an undercover scene as an official staff  for all that is deadliest and Death in the restaurant.
He was visiting; she was waitressing at the end hours.
It was the Crown Prince's bachelor party. 
And for her, it was a complete surprise seeing that she was hosting the event.
And they had fun on the beach in NYC.
The couple ate  and talked.
She put on a dress and thought of wanted him more later.
They went on a boat ride to get to the inside the tower of the Statue of Liberty in New York.
There were the Cordovaf Crown Princes , Chris and Tariq, and the Dukes (Drake and Maxwell) with Cordovaf Princess Chau Madden Lively.
The Princess became Cordovaf highest ruler and ruling class before she  moved to Cordovaf to be with Prince Chris. and removed her status as a mysterious bystander like mentioned in the news in all of Cordovaf. 

Before they parted in NYC, the Crown Prince Chris. said, "We'll meet again. It is the social season for me to find the future Queen
at the coronation. I love you, only you."
He became Cordovaf Highest Ruling Member which just mentioned as an Cordovaf Emperor.
The past and present quickly changed as they joined in matrimonial love. 
Though their love was declared, they didn't get married right away until they moved to Cordovaf; the name that's rightfully for them to carry out their family dynasties and empires.

So there it was, their love are blossoming.
And the True Emperor Chris.  is the  King  or Emperor of her dreams.


© 2020 ♛ Monet Madden 📪🍹

Author's Note

♛ Monet Madden 📪🍹
Derived from the "The Royal Romance" Books Vol 1-200, [A Rare Artifact]
Natural feelings and new feeling and states are blossoming and growing between the people that involved, including the ruling members
Cordovaf dynasties and empire did not kill the status and beings of the couple and the mass of others in Cordovaf, esp the distinguished beings and people.
Version 500.05.55

This is our Cordovaf story with a happy endings.

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