Characters Guide

Characters Guide

A Chapter by Christian Lebron

This guide will help describe each character that is presented in the book.


James was born on October 2, 1989 in the land of Vairincrot. 
He was born as the prince, soon to be King, taking his father's 
place. After an unfortunate event that had happened, 
which led to his father's death he knew he couldn't take the 
throne. James knew his uncle had been waiting to rule the land. James then left and abandoned his little brother, Michael. Now that James has grown older he soon overcame a hunch that his uncle had something to do with his father's death. James also knows of his brother escaping his uncle's presence and carrying an ancient book that their uncle wants for immortality and power. James then began his quest, along with his shapeshifting pet, Maximus, to find his brother and to destroy the secrets of the book.

Charles was born September 13, 1989 in the village of Crogsfoot Valley. Charles was the only children from his brother and sister that could read the future. His dream was to become an artist and a creative writer though the awful war between Salendar and their land of Vairincrot, he knew his family wasn't safe. His father was killed while fighting in the battle, while his mother knew secret passages and spells that led the family to the human world at Brooklyn, New York. Charles and his family had soon lived like humans. As he grew older he entered a shop called Barnes and Nobel Bookseller, to read a mystery-related book and a warm cup of coffee. As he was ready to pick out another book from the fantasy section he had bumped into a man his age. It was the prince of Vairincrot, James. At the moment and on they began talking to each other and soon became great friends. 

Rosebelle was born on February 22, 1989 at Griddlelocks Valley. Rosabelle was the only child of her loving parents, Elizabeth, who was a spells teacher that thought many in how to control their powers, her father Robert, who knew every martial arts move for when he's in combat and learning ancient casting of magic. Rosabelle wanted to learn everything her father had succeeded. Not very long, Rosabelle was one of the lands best fighters of the village and also most powerful in her spells. Rosabelle knew she was born to be a fighter, to save others who are in needed the most. When Rosabelle was 18 a terrible attack from the sky seekers and grivanders had arrived from her village killing almost everyone, even her beloved parents. From that day Rosabelle became unknown and ran away forever. When all needed her help, she never came to save them.

Alex was born on October 2, 1995. Like his brother and sister he doesn't know where he came from, except that he lived in isolated house in New York when he was only a year old. He remembered his parents explaining why they moved to the human world, though it is illegal to the land of Vairincrot. They had never interfered with the humans. The children were home schooled and their only entertainment was reading or watching television. To keep himself occupied, Alex builded things, such as bird houses and a model of a car. Alex and his brother, Edgar grew bored and actually experience the fantastic lives the humans live in every night when their family was asleep or away. Alex's parents soon received jobs down at Times Square to fulfill food and things, such as toys for the children, but the children still couldn't see what's beyond this world they live in. 


Isabel was born on February 18, 1996. She is also like Alex, who doesn't know where she came from, but living in New York. Isabel was the most intelligent girl you could ever meet. She can solve a difficult equation in two seconds and write an essay about the life of shakespeare no longer then fifteen minutes. All she would do in her life was to go to the family's library and pick a book out of the shelf about everything from human evolution to Romeo and Juliet, her favorite book other than Hamlet. Isabel dreamed of soon having her love sweeping her feet off the ground and taking her to a beautiful field of lilies and roses. She wanted to leave the life she had lived and see what her destiny will lead her to.

Edgar was born on March 13, 1996. He loves to learn about sports such as football and baseball. Of course his favorite team was the New York Yankees. One day he will go to a game with his father and brother. Edgar is the only shapeshifter in his family. He had inherited it from his grandfather, Ronald Livett. Edgar was always close to his brother and enjoyed pulling pranks on his sister. Every night Edgar would follow his brother to wonder off at the park down road and sometimes play catch. Since Edgar is the youngest of the family, when the parents were out having a splendid time having dinner at a fancy five-stared restaurant they would make Edgar do their chores on top of his. This made Edgar  vary mad, but he couldn't refuse his sibling's words or they would lie and tell that he did something that he never done. Plus Edgar kind of gotten use to doing his chores. Soon in his latest future, he would like to become a baseball member of the Yankees and maybe traveling to different parts of the human world.


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Christian Lebron

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I love the diversity in the characters! They are all unique which to me is the most important thing about characters in a story and book are!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Christian Lebron
Christian Lebron

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It is my ability to entertain others with extraordinary adventures that will make you want to flip through every page. Hopefully there will be someone in the world that would notice that many youngste.. more..


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