Sky Captain Xaviar: The Demon Spire Trilogy; Book One- Prologue

Sky Captain Xaviar: The Demon Spire Trilogy; Book One- Prologue

A Chapter by Cole Spire

Prologue to my fantasy story



Crystalline blue eyes fluttered open and immediately began to tear up. A single solitary drop fell from the corner of the eye and traveled over the smooth almost flawless skin of a flushed cheek. The sparkling drop clung to the alabaster skin for as long as it could until gravity pulled it from its perch. The tear fell down, down, down through the air reaching speeds unknown to anyone for the fact that no one could see the tear in the pure blue sky of May-Terra. The tear continued to fall for hundreds of miles, an insignificant streak free falling from the sky and heading down into the inevitable abyss that no May-Terrian had ever seen. Passing through clouds and zipping past all manners of flying beasts to finally splash into the water far below the continents in the sky.

The tear had hit the oceans of May-Terra that lay two thousand miles from the nearest continent, not only had it had fallen without touching a single thing, but it had hit the once spot in all the humongous ocean that the Goddess Leviathan rested. Her long light blue hair shimmered in the reflection of May-Terra’s powerful sun. Her dark ocean blue skin seemed to flow within the water as one, making it hard for anyone to distinguish the young Goddess from the water itself. Her aqua eyes opened quickly as she sat up in the water, feeling more at home here than anywhere else, her hand moved up to cup a small flickering beacon. It was the tear.

“You aren’t part of my ocean.” She whispered at the out of place drop. “Who do you belong to and how on May-Terra did you find your way down here?”

As if the tear understood her, it began to wave and flicker in her hand; expanding to three hundred times its size. Then in the middle of the now flattened surface of the tear an image of an equally beautiful young woman stared back at the Goddess.  Maple blond hair seemed to endlessly blow in the wind as the woman smiled at Leviathan.

“Greetings sister.”

Leviathan giggled childishly and smiled wide, here whole body seeming to awaken at the sight of her older sister Siren. She was the Goddess of the wind and the soul reason the continents hovered so easily in the skies above Leviathans oceans.

“Your tear hit me square in the nose Siren!” Leviathan giggled again. “Maybe I should find a new place to nap.”

“As much as I love talking to you sister, I have had a vision.” Siren said as her smile left her lips.

Leviathan pouted and shook her head. Siren was always having visions, whether it was of a mortals death or the sacking of a temple, her visions never boded well for who ever they were about.

“Another one?”

“Yes.” Siren stated as if that would make her vision a beacon of truth with out even telling it.

“Well do you plan on keeping me occupied all day or what? I have a whale coming to talk to me about her pod. Something about sharks and such attacking at random. Stupid things really. All they ever do is swim and hunt swim and hunt. They never sleep. Do you realize that one of those brainless feeding machines bit me the other day? I turned it into a guppy before it could even apologize.”


The sudden outburst caught the younger of the two sisters attention and pulled her from her childish ramblings.

“Sorry sis.” was all she could say as she shrugged.

“As much as I enjoy the daily drama that ensues down there, this is important.”

Leviathan nodded and frowned as if she was just scolded.

“I saw him, he is coming and I don’t know when or how.”

“Him who sister?” Leviathan asked as not really listening. A small fish full of color was swimming around her feet and tickling her enough to keep her distracted.

“Demon Spire.” Siren said forcefully.

Leviathan’s eyes widened and jerked quickly to look at Siren in the makeshift mirror. The name was one she had heard many times and he was someone that was on her list of not really wanting to see.

The rumors of the Demon Spire were known even to the Gods and Goddesses of May-Terra, only they knew that they were as far from myth as possible. Demon Spire was not a rumor or a scary story mothers told their children to make them behave. He was a real being, and one of the worst that had ever been seen on May-Terra. The one story that Leviathan remembered still gave her nightmares to this day.

It was said that there was a continent hovering far off in the sky, away from all the other islands and larger communities that inhabited the picturesque skyline of the planet. This island was said to be inhabited by a race of creatures known as Gargoyles. A peace loving community and an all around nice race of beings who were merchants and craftsmen by choice, had taken in a wounded traveler and tended to his wounds using their ancient magic to heal wounds that salves and herbs couldn’t. They aided the traveler in walking again, taught him their magics and even began teaching him their language.

Then, it is said, one day the traveler got into an argument with the chief of the tribe of gargoyles. The argument was over the uses of their abilities and why they didn’t use their obviously superior fighting skills to their advantage. The chief had never gone to war and refused to take sides in any conflict unless it was directly effecting the Gargoyle island. Luckily it had never came to that for the mages of the tribe had placed a dizzying maze of clouds around the island. The traveler thought he was crazy and voiced his opinion to the rest of the tribe.

So convincing were the traveler’s words that half of the tribesmen opted to join the traveler in a conquest of the other islands and eventually the world. The other half disagreed and thought they should banish the newcomer.

This tore a rift between the tribe of peaceful Gargoyles. One half wanting to expand their territory to involve the major settlements, the other wanting nothing to do with the outside world. Soon after, the first death took place between the arguing factions. It happened at a communal dinner to try and repair the rift, one the traveler was not invited to, and discuss what they should do about the newcomer’s words.

An argument between two of the larger Gargoyle’s turned into a full fledged fight with the victor having torn out the other’s throat. The communal dinner turned into an all out brawl leaving only four survivors. Each one vowing to destroy the others for the death they had caused.

A civil war started between the clan and more than one sect of friends had been separated by the rift. There was no more peace or comfort. Everything was turned into a weapon for war with the opposing side. Meanwhile the traveler worked his magical words on each side. Apologizing to the side that wanted peace and suggesting that they try and talk to the war bound faction. Then going to the war forged sect and talking of power and pride, pride in their kind and power over the other races.

His words were so effective that the two sides attacked each other in one large battle. It was a battle that waged on for years until only ten gargoyles were left. Five from each side. They all went to the traveler and asked what they had done wrong.

In that instant the traveler chose to show his true colors and became Demon Spire. The ten had been so weakened by the war that they could not fight back. The ten fought bravely but it was all for naught. Demon Spire summoned his abilities as well as the abilities the gargoyles had foolishly taught him and obliterated all ten warriors.

Soon after, it is said, that a blinding light filled the sky of May-Terra. Then, as soon as the light faded; the cloud maze lifted for all to see the now vacant island. Two days later a giant fireball came from the sky and collided with the island sending it rocketing downward toward the ocean. Never to be heard from again.

It was obvious to Siren that Leviathan was thinking of the very same story by the look of sheer terror etched into her beautiful features. Leviathan began to chew on her bottom lip, for she remembered the day that the island came crashing into her waves and began to sink into the dark depths. She had visited it once and only once. The island had a dark aura around it and she had heard screams of dead warriors coming from the tribal camps. It was on that day that she ordered all manner of sea life to vacate the area, and any that were found in the islands territory would be sacrificed to her shrine.

“But he was… wasn’t he?” Leviathan asked being almost too vague for Siren to understand the question.

“He was, but I have seen him. I have seen his eyes staring into the depths of my soul, haunting my dreams. Demon Spire has returned.”

“We must speak to father, he will know exactly what to do!” Leviathan bubbled suddenly too cheerful. The thought of seeing her father was an idea she couldn’t pass up.

“Yes, I will convene the Gods and we shall find out what to do about this coming threat.” Siren said a little annoyed at her younger sister. “I will summon you when the meeting is arranged.”

“Ok!” Leviathan cheered then suddenly frowned. “Just make sure to summon me BEFORE the meeting this time! Last time you said you’d do that, all of you were already leaving and I didn’t know what was going on for like an entire eon!”

Siren rolled her eyes at Leviathan and the tear suddenly shrunk back to its normal size and then faded into the oceans vastness to become part of the body of water. Leviathan poked her head out of the water and looked skyward, her hair suddenly looking more like seaweed than hair, and smiled. It would be a good day, her father would know what to do and the thought of being on the islands surfaces again was something that made her long to squish her feet in the dirt.

A shadow passed over her line of vision followed by another and then another. Lifting a hand to fend off the glare from the sun, Leviathan smiled even wider. She was going to have company soon. She just hoped they would be alive this time.

© 2008 Cole Spire

Author's Note

Cole Spire
This is a work in progress, so please feel free to comment and critique. Opinions wanted.

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I liked it... I want to read more!!! And I will do that when I have the time!!! Great write!


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Prologue Prologue

A Story by Cole Spire