Sky Captain Xavier Ch 1: New First Mate

Sky Captain Xavier Ch 1: New First Mate

A Chapter by Cole Spire

The exciting first chapter of this fantasy story. It introduces or hero of this story. Action packed and fueled by a reason to fight, we meet Fenris Xavier for the first, but definitly not the last time.


Chapter 1: The New First Mate.




"Hoist the mainsail! Start evasive maneuvers!"


"Get ready for them boys! They’re gonna try and board us!"


Sounds of battle echoed through out the sky as cannons fired over and over again. Splintering wood and screams of pain added to the cacophony that seemed to surround the two ships that hovered in the sky. The "Airships" were a common sight to the sailors of May-Terra and also a bit of a mystery. No one knew how the ships flew; the wood was taken from the forests on every continent and then blessed by a priest. Where the magical properties came from no one could be sure and they never seemed to question it either.


"Captain Sweed! They are getting closer, what do we do?" one particularly haggard old sailor asked to the man at his left.


The man stood proud with a wide brimmed hat that held an oversized feather that stuck almost completely straight up protruding from the middle. He wore a royal blue vest that had seen better days and a pair of pantaloons that at one point had been white, but from years of use and countless battles had become more of a dingy gray. Slung over his shoulder was a thick bandolier that held numerous bullets, each one a different size and obviously for a different gun. His waist was adorned with two large leather belts and gleamed in the bright clear sky. Around either hip were about a dozen firearms. Some were standard looking derringers, others looked larger with a smaller barrel; these were made for closer combat, but the two guns that stood out the most had been made of pure gold.


These were Captain Sweed’s personal weapons that had seen him through fight and war alike. They had been crafted in the dwarves mines within the mountain forges of Entermond; the Dwarven continent. The bullets wouldn’t be found on the leather bandolier for the fact that they did not need to be used. The two golden weapons were called flamers for a reason. Two large gouts of fire would spew forth as soon as the triggers were pulled. No one dared try and stand toe to toe with the Captain as long as he had those two deadly guns at his side.


His surprise was complete when a small schooner started to chase him. He was one of the most feared pirate captains in this part of the world, and to have such a small ship chasing him was almost insulting. How dare the royal navy send a bounty hunter after him? As soon as this was done and over with, he would make sure to have Port King as his next target.


The Captain wasn’t afraid; he had taken on schooners like this before and utterly destroyed them, completely obliterating them out of the sky. This one seemed different though, it was fast; almost too fast for such a small boat, and it began firing their cannons far sooner than they should have. Most hunters tried to be sly, act like a trade ship to lure in the pirates and then spring an arsenal on them that no ship should be able to carry and still stay aloft in the sky. Captain Sweed understood that they were testing for distance, but it was also a waste of ammo. Didn’t this hunter group think they needed ammo?


"Do nothing Sharks, do nothing. They will be out of cannonballs before they get near, and by then we will fire upon them with all we have. Tell the crew to get ready for a slaughter."


This seemed to brighten "Sharks" demeanor greatly and he quickly ran down the steps onto the deck spreading the word of immanent success. There was a cheer from the crew as swords, guns, axes, and rifles alike all were held in the air. The Captain wasn’t as cocksure as he projected though, and the soft pop from in the distance made him pay closer attention to the oncoming schooner.


Seconds after the Pirate Captain had head the pop, one of his men fell to the hard wood of the deck a river of red pouring from a small opening in his forehead. The Captain cursed loudly and then leaned over the railing to look at his crew.


"Sniper you fools! Get down!" he bellowed at the top of his lungs.


Each crewman hit the deck faster than a blink of an eye and every one of them were covering their heads. The Captain once again cursed and looked over the hiding crew.


"Sharks!" Captain Sweed said pointing to the now cowering first mate. "Go get Durango!"


Sharks peeked from between his fingers and inwardly groaned. He hated Durango and Durango hated him, but that was the nature of their partnership. The Pirate Captain had the foresight to see the need of a wizard, and not just any wizard, but one that had trained in Evergreen; the Elven wizarding academy. The man was impossible, unpredictable, and arrogant to boot.


Yet Sharks had to admit he got results.


The first mate scrambled to his feet and threw open the doors to the lower floors of the large four mast schooner and nearly tripped as he hit the floor running. He turned this way and that, weaving through the lower decks and finally got to the last door in the darkest hallway. It seemed that light ran from this hallway, even when the lanterns below had been fully lit, the place seemed to exude darkness. Sharks crept slowly toward the door and hesitantly knocked.


"Th-the Captain needs you topside." he said more than a little scared.


"I will be there as soon as I have finished!" a loud and booming voice bellowed from within.


Sharks cowered back slightly but got strength in the knowledge that he would have his flesh flayed from his bones if he didn’t do as the Pirate Captain asked.


"Get outside now Durango!"


The blackened door swung open quickly and a thin tall form loomed over the cowardly first mate. Durango looked down at the small man as his frown completed the look of disgust over being disturbed. He wore robes of shining onyx that seemed to give it the appearance of the night sky.

"Fine." he stated as he walked past Sharks.


Sharks placed his hand over his chest as he felt his heart trying to force its way out of his ribcage. The wizard always seemed to be in a horrible mood, and it was said that was because his Elven classmates never let him forget that he was only human and would never be as strong as they could ever be. Sharks turned to look into the wizard’s room to see a gold ring shining inside. He knew what it was, it was a scrying device; something wizard and other magic users could use to spy on other people, cities or in this case ships. As soon as he looked into the room though, Sharks wished he hadn’t. The scrying device was showing not the ship but the side of it. There was a small figure that was hanging off the side of the other ship, and as if the device had heard his silent wish to see closer, the image raced forward. What Sharks saw made him turn white.


* * *


From their vantage point, Captain Peter "Gold" Dust and his crew could easily see the large pirate ship. They were flying neutral colors, but he knew better. He had been tracking this particularly vicious pirate for some time. He spared no expense in finding his information and even called in a few favors. It would all be worth it though, his standing would go up in the King’s court and the reward was more than worth the trouble. Captain Dust raised his hand slowly and then pointed to the large ship, and as if by magic, the ship lurched forward with all the force of a tidal wave.


"Where is Xavier!?" Captain Dust asked more than a little annoyed that his newest crew member was missing.


"No one knows sire. One crewman said he saw the young boy jump overboard."


The regal Captain rolled his eyes. No one was that cowardly. It was a twenty thousand foot fall straight down. Captain Dust placed his hand on his hip and looked down at his blood red vest. He picked at a small piece of lint and tossed it aside. If you were to compare the two Captains, Captain Dust looked as if he tried very hard to keep up appearances, where as Captain Sweed looked as if he could care less.


"We will be within boarding distance in another fifty feet sire." a second well kept sailor said from the Captains right.


"Good. Let them use their wizard, we have our own." the Captain said as he folded his arms over his chest. "Find Xavier. Tell him that if he doesn’t get his tail upside in the next few minutes, I will personally keel haul him."


The second sailor nodded and moved down to the deck to look for the newest crew member. He didn’t believe the rumors, but when he met the newest crewmen he honestly was surprised. Just as the second mate was about to head down into the bulk of the schooner he heard some crewmen on the deck gasp and call out. He ran to the side they were crowding around and his jaw dropped.


"He’s insane!" one screamed as he leaned far over the side.


"He’ll never make it!" another yelled.


"Tell the Captain he’ll be sending this one’s family a suicide note!"


Captain Dust and his first mate ran to the deck and looked over the side. The bounty hunting Captain had never seen such an act of daring in all his years of chasing down pirates. He looked at his first mate with amazement and then turned to watch the scene before him play out.


Clawed feet gripped the wooden panels along the side of the airship as the figure of Fenris Xavier held on to a rope tightly. The rope had been lassoed around the main mast of the schooner the rest was draped casually around his shoulder. His hands gripped the corded rope tightly as he prepared himself what to do. Clawed and fur covered hands twitched in anticipation, his pointed wolf-like ears turned toward the voices. He could hear every word that his fellow crewmates were saying. They didn’t know what he was capable of.


Neither did the young werewolf for that matter.


"Alright Xavier, you can do this." he said to himself trying to psych himself up for the unbelievable act he was about to commit.


His hands gripped even tighter as he wrapped the rope once around his wrist and slowly began to walk backwards. The werewolf was completely horizontal on the side of the ship, with nothing but a perilous fall to icy cold water twenty thousand feet below. If this idea failed, the suicide note would be true. Xavier looked up at his crew and gave a slight salute and then dug in the claws of his feet. He needed all the strength he could muster to make the more than one hundred and fifty foot gap between both ships.


With a growl of determination and a burst of speed, young Xavier started his run. His feet pedaling violently on the ship, wooden shavings falling helplessly into the void, and the bow of the ship coming to an abrupt end quickly. As the end of the schooner was nearing, a twinge of fear hit Xavier and he slowed his steps. Maybe he would wait till the ships were a bit closer, but then the crew could be hurt by the wizard. He shook his head and jogged back to the rear of the ship and once again started his run.


This time, when the bow neared, Xavier threw himself forward. The rope snapped tight around his wrist and the slack quickly grew tight. The whip like crack as the rope tightened to its limits echoed as all sailors from both ships watched the crazy half wolf half man bounty hunter soar into the air.

Xavier’s eyes widened as he realized that he was sailing freely through the air with a quick prayer to Luna; the Goddess of the moon, the wolf could only leave it up to the Fates to decide what should happen to him.


"That boy is insane Captain." the first mate said with a little more respect for the audacious maneuver. No one on the ship would have ever even thought of it, let alone attempted it.


"Aye, that he is." Captain Dust said as he pressed his hand above his eyes to block out the glare of the sun. "But you have to admit. He has a sense of reckless style that we just may need in this business."


The first mate could only nod as he watched the young wolf sail through the expansive void of the never ending sky.


* * *


"Incoming!!" Sharks yelled as he burst onto deck.


"We know Sharks, they sent something our way." Durango said a little annoyed.


"No!" Sharks gasped trying to catch his breath, having run from the very lowest deck of the ship to where he stood. "No something! Some one!"


Captain Sweed and Durango both looked at the first mate with an amount of mirth that they usually reserved for the drunks in town.


"I saw it." he gasped out. "I saw it in your scrying mirror." Sharks said pointing to Durango.


"You saw it?" the wizard said with an amount of anger. The only person that had ever gone into his room unannounced found himself in a dimensional portal that led exited into the middle of the sky.


"It’s a beast coming. Half man and half wolf!"


The Captain’s eyes widened when he heard that. It was not unknown that there was a continent on the other side of May-Terra that housed beasts like that. The continent was called Lunaticia; all manner of were-creatures resided there. Each and every one of them were known as true warriors. As Captain Sweed’s gaze fell over Durango, it was obvious that the wizard had heard the same thing and both of them didn’t know what to expect once the beast landed on the ship.


If it landed on the ship.


* * *


"This is either the stupidest thing you have ever done or the bravest." Xavier mumbled to himself as the wind whipped past his ears.


He could see the pirate ships bow coming in fast and he knew he would be a few feet short. He was past the crest of his leap and had been descending rapidly with every passing second. It would seem that he wouldn’t make the deck and if he descended any faster he wouldn’t even be able to hit the side.


As Xavier was sailing toward the pirate ship, he caught a quick glimmer of gold to his left and turned his head thinking a weapon had been fired at him even at this distance. Instead he saw something that nearly made him shriek. There was a young woman floating next to him. She seemed to be traveling just as fast as he was yet she wasn’t falling. Her blue eyes pierced his soul as she looked into his eyes and he could feel her search his thoughts. He didn’t know how he knew, having never met a Goddess, that this was the legendary Goddess of the wind. Her name was Siren if he remembered correctly.


As Xavier was going over in his mind what he would do on the very long fall to the water below, he felt himself become suddenly lighter. He didn’t know how but he assumed it had something to do with the Goddess. When he turned back to see he was rising again he heard a soft giggle. He would make the deck after all and he had Siren to thank for it. He turned back to thank the beautiful Goddess, but when he looked to where she was the Goddess was gone.


Xavier silently asked Luna to thank her sister for him and turned his sights back to the ship; which was closing extremely quickly.


It was almost too quickly for Xavier’s own comfort. He closed his eyes and extended his hands to try and brace his fall. He knew the impact was coming and he only hoped it wasn’t so hard that it made him incapable of defending himself. Most pirates took being boarded with out permission unkindly. Xavier dared to open his eyes just as the wood deck smashed into his face. He slid half way across the wooden planks before he slowed to a stop. He winced as he pushed himself up and slowly pulled a splinter from his cheek.


As he looked around he saw all of the crew of the pirate ship in a stunned silence. He had just performed a feat that inspired awe and respect in more ways than one. Xavier took that opportunity to push the envelope.


"I’ve been asked by Captain Dust to come over here in advance to ask for your complete and utter surrender." Xavier stated as seriously as he could.


The sheer audacity of the request, coupled with the amazing leap that the young wolf had taken, caused more than a few of the thirty or so crew members to honestly consider a surrender. Unfortunately with pirates, mob rule always won out over single thought. All it took was a few of the crewmen to cry out in anger for the rest to join in and surround the young werewolf.


"I’ll take that as a no then?" Xavier asked with a devilish smile pulled over his muzzle.


The werewolf had never been comfortable being completely human but had not acquired the ability to transform into the werewolf beasts of legend. It was the form of the warriors he had heard of since he was a pup and even now when he could use the true power and strength of that form, he still could not change. Instead, the young bounty hunter took a hybrid form. A mix between wolf and human that made him appear more humorous than he had ever wanted. His snout was elongated and his human-like nose came to a point. He had pointed wolf ears that stuck out from his mangy brown hair. Along with those two obvious focal points, Xavier had four more. His hands were partially covered in fur with his fingers ending in sharp claw like nails. He was never able to wear gloves but the skin of his palms had taken on the roughness of those of a normal wolf. He had never worn shoes when he was younger, but when it came time for him to dawn the leather boots, he always had trouble. Just like his hands, he had claws at the end of his toes that always seemed to stick out or tear the worked leather of any style boot.


All of these things had not been lost on the pirate crew as they surrounded the brazen bounty hunter.


"Keep yer distance boys. This’uns got himself some weapons even if it don’ look like it." one particularly rough looking pirate announced.


Xavier didn’t care really, he wasn’t here to collect a bounty on these crewmen and would dispatch of them only for the sheer thrill of doing so. If anything would impress his new captain it would be taking out the whole crew, including the ships wizard. With thoughts of gold and silver running through his mind, the werewolf flexed his fingers and smiled. Two fangs showed where his canine teeth were and the vision of the hybrid human was complete.


"We can take im! It’s jus the one!" a larger and burly pirate said holding a heavy axe.


Xavier sniffed the air softly and wished he hadn’t. He hadn’t gotten used to the fact that most pirates cared very little for hygiene. He had hoped to smell some sort of fear from the crew, he had sensed it when he stood after his jump, but now the over whelming stench of body odor assaulted his most sensitive of senses. As he shook his head and rubbed his nose to try and get the smell out, Xavier heard the wooden deck creak and looked up in time to see the large man wade through the other crew to stand right in front of Xavier. It was obvious he was unafraid.


"This little pup couldn’t even claw his way out of a paper bag!" he said with a huge belly laugh. "I have been to the island of Lunaticia, took on a wolf in full form. He gave me this scar before I cut off his head." he pointed to a scar that lead from just under his right eye across his neck and down over his chest.


Xavier growled. He didn’t know the Grand Wolf that had been slain by this brute, but his kind was particular about their kin. When one was killed, a hunt was called to find the killer, and then they were brought to justice in the way of the wolves.


"Then I guess I won’t be too hard to deal with huh?" Xavier said coolly. He reached up and pulled off his dark blue jacket to expose a well muscled but fur covered torso.


The brute laughed again.


He was still laughing after Xavier had moved. The group of pirates stood in stunned silence again as a line of red slowly crept up the larger pirates stomach and up over his chest. The brute was still laughing to the last second when his body split open and hung grotesquely at his waist.


The pirates looked at the wolf then to their now dead and silent crewmate. Xavier only wiped the blood off of his claws onto his pants. The sound of the larger pirate’s body finally hitting the ground seemed to echo on the deck. Even Captain Sweed had seen the attack and had to admit he was more than a little impressed.


"What are you scabrous dogs standing around for!? Kill the boy!"


That sent a rousing cheer up through the group of pirates and all of the men closed in around Xavier, all wanting to get revenge for the death of their friend.


* * *


"Tell Spirit to get this boat moving!" Captain Dust exclaimed as he looked through his telescope. "Our young friend has gotten himself in deep."


Three crew members saluted the Captain and scrambled to get below deck. Spirit was the name of their wizard on this vessel. They used cannons only because they were cheaper than the supplies that Spirit usually asked for. Captain Dust only used one to get along faster than normal and only used him when he was desperate.


* * *


A sweeping axe nearly took of Xavier’s head, but the young werewolf had enough sense to duck with the sharpened blade passing harmlessly high. He saw them coming, the entire crew of pirates and each one wanted blood. He dove forward with his claws leading and slashed his way through the first few; leaving four deep gashes in their abdomens. In what seemed to be an act of desperation, Xavier stood up straight and looked a pirate in the face. The pirate looked back as a sneer creased his lips. The sneer quickly vanished as Xavier ducked once again, this time a sword came in quickly splitting the hairs on the top of the wolfs head. The pirate wasn’t so fortunate. The rapier had been forced right through his skull. As soon as the blade was pulled free the pirate fell to the hard wood very much dead.


"Get him! Get him already!" Xavier heard Captain Sweed yell from his high position.


The young hunter looked up for a split second only to take a fist to his jaw that sent him sprawling backward. Xavier growled again as he wiped his lip and once again moved forward. He was a blur of fur and claws as he worked his way through the ranks of pirates. His wolf-like instincts guiding him through and around every sword swipe, axe chop, and gun blast.


In a manner of a few minutes Xavier stood amidst carnage. His claws were dripping ruby red drops of pirates, his fur was dyed red and matted to his chest and his dark blue pants had numerous cuts and gashes showing many close calls and quick nicks. The young wolf stood in the middle of the deck with a frown etched into his bloodied features surveying his deeds.


"I’ll ask again Captain Sweed. The good Captain Dust of the Morning Sun asks for your complete surrender."


There was a loud yell from Xavier’s right and the werewolf turned to see a pirate he thought was dead rushing toward him in a frenzy. He could see the large broad sword held high above the pirate’s crazed features. Xavier crouched and then lunged forward, his sharpened claws digging deep into the mans gut. With little effort, Xavier forced his claws upward while placing his foot on the mans now lifeless chest and pushing upward. In a show of effortless flare the young wolf flipped backward to land exactly where he was standing before. He was once again facing the Pirate Captain.


The pirate on the other hand; stumbled backward and fell over the side to fall thousands of feet to his doom.


"You…." the Pirate Captain was furious. His nails were digging hard into the railing as he looked down at the solitary figure that had effectively eliminated his entire crew with out even breaking so much as a sweat. "You have a lot of gall boy! Do you even know who I am!?"


Xavier shrugged as if it didn’t matter. This only seemed to enrage the pirate more.


"I am Captain Sweed! The scourge of the Sunlight coast! I have killed thousands, plundered port towns from here to the Elemental Isle! You have the brass to demand my surrender?" Captain Sweed had stepped back holding his sword high as he spoke.


"So you are a thief and a murderer." Xavier stated boldly. "That makes the reward on you even more if you’re dead. I don’t really want to kill you ok. These men of yours died because they listened to you. Doesn’t that bother you?"


"They knew what they were when they boarded this boat."


The young wolf shook his head and sighed. This one was definitely looking for the hard way.


"Durango! Make this pup heel for his new master!" Captain Sweed hollered down at the deck.


A smell of power instantly filled Xavier’s nose, he knew that smell and knew it well. He hung around with Spirit enough to smell magic. His head moved left and right trying to find the wizard that he knew had just been summoned to destroy him.


"You wish to keep him?" a booming voice echoed off the deck.


"Yes, I want him to understand he can’t do things like this and get away with it."


Xavier sniffed the air again trying to hone in on the smell of magic but the only thing he could see were small rocks that looked like wood marble fall around him they landed in a perfect circle around the young wolf and Xavier could smell the magic now surrounding him. He didn’t know what the small objects were going to do since he had only met one wizard to date and that had been Spirit.


As if the tiny wooden marbles had heard his unasked question, the tiny items flattened out and seemed to blend into the wood of the deck, going so far as to take on a reddish hue for the ones near the bloodshed. Without warning the wood of the deck seemed to spring to life! Plank of the deck sprang free and launched at Xavier at lightning speeds.


He was able to smack away a few but when the wood behind him sprang forth they were in the shapes of spikes. The wooden spikes lunged for the werewolf’s flesh. Puncturing his thick fur and biting deep into his body. One plank digging in between his ribs to pierce his lung, others diving into his back and shoulder. As soon as the wood had stopped moving Xavier started to move forward; by sheer strength of his will, then howled in pain. The wooden spiked had sprouted barbs that dug in deeper, latching on to his ribs within his chest, tearing at muscles in his lower back and even hooking on his spine.


Luckily for the young werewolf, he had the regenerative properties of his ancestors and the wooden barbs would be superficial as soon as he got free. He held his ground though for the pain, even though the wounds would heal, was tremendous. He closed his eyes trying to focus on something else when he caught a whiff of magic again. Xavier’s eyes snapped open and he saw the lanky wizard standing over him.


"My, my, my. What do we have here?" Durango said as he licked his lips from under his cloak hood.

"You are very far away from home aren’t you?"


It was true; Xavier had caught a trade ship off of Lunaticia to explore the world. What better way to cure his wanderlust than to sail with a pirate hunting ship? He looked at Durango and could only growl as he stared at the tan skinned wizard.


"No answer? Are you lost maybe?"


Xavier sniffed, this time it was to loosen the phlegm that was in his throat. He spit as much as he could into the face of the wizard. He wouldn’t give him any other response.


Durango frowned and wiped the spittle from his face and sneered. "I see, such a proud warrior. I have ways to break you."


Xavier slowly closed his fists, he didn’t care how much it would hurt he was going to rip this wizards head off if it was the last thing he did.


* * *


"Spirit! Get us closer now!" Captain Dust said as he continued to watch the scene on the other ship through a telescope. They were still a good fifty feet from the ship and he was eager to get his men on board and help his newest crew member. Even though he was sure that Xavier could take care of himself, a Wizard on a pirate ship was a wizard that was hired for the fact he could cast spells that inflicted a lot of pain and tremendous amounts of damage. He had seen a pirate wizard take out a whole fleet of merchant ships with one ball of lightning once and had no inclination to see it again.


"Just hold on for a few more minutes’ boy, we’re comin." Captain Dust muttered under his breath.


* * *


Pain shot through every pore of Xavier’s body as he struggled against the wooden barbs, but the only thing he could focus on was the tall wizard that stood in front of him trying desperately to get him to submit. If he was anywhere near as learned as he boasted, he would have figured out quickly that pain was not the way to go when it was involving those warriors from the Lycanthrope continent.


"Just give it up pup. Captain Sweed can be very kind to those who serve him." Durango cooed trying to appeal to Xavier’s better nature.


"When… this is through." the wolf said through intense pain. "I will have… your head… on a plate!"


With a sudden burst of uncanny strength, Xavier had forced the barbs out of his body and dove forward. Sprays of his life’s fluid covered the wooden barbs and pooled onto the deck. Pieces of his flesh were still connected to the magical barbs as Xavier slowly pushed himself up. He could feel his wounds closing already and it satisfied him to know that the look of unbelievably on the wizards face was one of honest fear. A quick lunge brought Xavier within distance of the spell caster, but as soon as he had swung the wizard had vanished.


It wasn’t an invisibility spell, for Xavier would still be able to sniff him out; no this magic user was smart. He had used a teleport spell. He looked around and then remembered where the wooden pellets had come from. He slowly lifted his gaze upward, and there in the crow’s nest he found Durango already in the midst of casting another spell.


"I hope it is a quick spell wizard, because it will be your last!" Xavier called out as he dug his claws into the main mast and began to scale it.


He was halfway up the mainmast when he felt the air around him become electrified. Purely on instinct Xavier leapt to the mizzenmast just as a large bolt of lightning struck exactly where he had just been. Xavier felt the fur on his hands and head standing on end and muttered a curse about how close that had been. He looked back up at the wizard who looked more than a bit angry that his spell had missed and quickly began casting a new one.


Xavier leapt to the mainmast once again and began to climb even faster than before. Within seconds he was standing face to face with the still casting wizard. The young wolf struck out at the wizard and once again hit nothing but thin air as he saw the spell casters body dissipate and then completely vanish. A second teleport spell. Xavier quietly wondered how many of those the wizard had prepared that day and smiled to himself at the thought of putting that number to the test.


As his contemplations took over his concentration, Xavier had taken his mind off the pirate wizard for too long. He felt the heat first, and then the sudden explosion that surrounded him as the fire ball that the wizard had thrown landed squarely on his shoulders. Xavier was thrown from the crow’s nest and hurtled toward the railing of the ship. In a last ditch effort he reached out to try and grab at it, as he did he felt his claws sink into the wood and his body come to a heart stopping halt. He clung to the ship with a single hand and hung off the side as if he would fall any minute.


"Smooth Xavier…" he scolded himself and quickly pulled himself back on deck.


As his padded feet hit the hard wood of the deck he knew he was in trouble. His ears flattened against his head and he frowned. The wizard was right in front of him and pointing a staff his way. At the end of the staff there was a black orb that Xavier could clearly see was swirling with energy. He winced as he waited for the impact, it was never a good thing to have a wizard pointing anything at you, but it never came. He opened one eye to see the wizard slowly lowering the wand. Xavier, more confused than anything, looked around slowly only to feel his body being forced to the hard wood deck.


"Do you like my gravity well werewolf? I haven’t ever had to use this until now. You should feel honored that you made me use it." Durango growled out.


"Stop playing with him Durango!" Xavier heard Captain Sweed bellow from his vantage point. "Toss the cur overboard already."


Xavier gently tested his strength and found that he could easily push himself up from the gravity well. It was obvious that the spell caster didn’t understand that magic was all but useless on his kind. He took the wizards distraction as a point to let him know first hand that he was going to lose.


Durango felt searing pain in his chest and let his eyes slowly drift down to see what had happened. What he saw was so unbelievable that his mind screamed at how preposterous the scene was.

Xavier’s arm was buried deep into his breast bone and he could feel those dagger like claws digging around. His wand was still aimed straight out but he felt his grip loosening on it. His hand wasn’t listening to his whip like mind. With a sudden tug, Durango saw what Xavier was holding. He saw the last few beats of his own heart before his world went black.


Xavier turned to look up at Captain Sweed to find the crafty pirate was already aiming those two dangerous golden guns at him.


"Ye are definitely worth every piece of copper that hunter is payin ya boy. But I got a better deal for ye if ye’ll hear me out."


Xavier looked from the Captain to the heart he held in his hand and casually tossed it overboard.

"You have two minutes."


"Ye took out me whole crew without breakin so much as a sweat. I’ll double what ever Capin’ Dust is payin ye." Captain Sweed’s eyes widened as he saw Xavier start to move up the steps that would bring the two together. "And I’ll make ye my first mate!" he screamed out more than a bit panicked.


"Let me get this straight. You want to pay me double and make me your first mate? I mean if I was able to take out thirty or so crewmen and a wizard all by myself." Xavier was now almost toe to toe with the Pirate Captain. "What do I need you for?"


Captain Sweed pulled the triggers on both of his golden guns letting loose the fire built up inside.

The effect was as if a dragon had flown down and breathed its horrible breath right at Xavier. The blaze was so hot that the flames not only licked at the wood, but seemed to melt it instead of catching it on fire. Yet the wily young wolf was no where to be found. The scorching flames had missed their mark and the Captain was suddenly finding it very hard to breath.


Captain Sweed placed his hand to his throat to feel warmth cover it and rather quickly. He pulled his hand back to see his own bright red blood covering it. He didn’t even feel the cut but he now felt the presence behind him. Xavier had moved as he had pulled the triggers on his beautiful weapons. The wolf had moved out of the way of the powerful blast simply by side stepping the flames. Then he was easily able to slit the Pirate Captain’s throat. Seconds before Sweed lost consciousness forever, he silently wished he had hired the young wolf before the bounty hunters.


"Well I’ll be damned boy!" Xavier heard Captain Dust proclaim loudly.


Xavier turned to see the Morning Sun slowly pull up along side the larger pirate schooner.


"Is there any even left to talk?" on of the crewmen standing to the Captain’s left said in disbelief.


"No Morik it looks like he got them all." the Captain said with a bit of pride in his voice.


"Sorry Captain." Xavier said softly.


"Don’t apologize boy. This is something that will go down in history believe you me."


Xavier blushed and then smiled. His eye brows rose slightly as he remembered something he could give his friend Spirit. He slowly turned and headed back down to the main deck and searched through the bodies of crewmen till he found the large wizard once again.


"I er… found something Spirit might like." Xavier said searching lifeless body.


"Oh?" Spirit could be heard saying as he moved to the rail to look down at the young werewolf.


"Yeah, a wand." Xavier said as he found the gravity well wand still in the dead spell casters hands.


"What does it do?" Spirit asked intrigued.


Xavier tried to pry the fingers off of the handle of the wand but found they would not budge. He grunted as he tried to yank the wand out and then even tried banging the wizards hand against the wood. Spirit winced knowing well what would happen if the magic of the wand was let out all at ounce.


"Xavier, my friend it is okay. I do not need another wand."


"But this one could be useful!" he said grunting as he placed his foot on the wizards unmoving chest and began to pull again.


"It is quite alright my young friend; I assure you that you don’t need…" It was too late; Xavier had pulled the wand free. As he did he lost his footing and began to back pedal. It looked as if he was about to go over the railing when his foot caught a small puddle of gore on the deck and sent the young wolf skidding across the wooden deck.


Everyone watching the scene winced as Xavier came to a sudden stop. He had slid right back into the wooden brambles that had held him captive for some time. He now had those same barbs locked in more than one place.


"YEOW!" Xavier screeched as he came to a sudden and painful stop.


Spirit and Captain Dust could only laugh and shake their heads, for Xavier still held on to the wand, along with the wizards hand still attached.


"You picked a good one for your new first mate sire." Spirit said with a smile.


"Yeah," the Captain nodded as he looked out into the clear blue sky. "This one has his name in the stars already. I just know he does."


* * *


Captain Dust had no idea how right he was. As Siren surveyed the scene, she immediately nodded and moved off toward the Elemental Isle. She was about to put into motion one of the greatest journeys the young wolf would ever have, and she didn’t even know his name yet. It didn’t matter of course, but she needed to tell her father about this young warrior, and have a talk with her older sister Luna as to why this young one wasn’t a full blooded warrior yet. Siren couldn’t help but smile as thoughts of the end of Demon Spire drifted in and out of her mind.

© 2008 Cole Spire

Author's Note

Cole Spire
still a work in progress, so please forgive any and all misspellings and bad grammar. BUT please point them out so i may fix it. Also, as always, comment and enjoy.

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Okay, I finally got around to reading this. Sorry it took so long, but I am regretting not reading it sooner. I loved it. The ending was hilarious to me and I am glad to see my own character portrayed like he is in your story. I look forward to seeing this project completed.

As great as this chapter is, I do have a few notes for you to consider.

"If you were to compare the two Captains, Captain Dust looked as if he tried very hard to keep up appearances, where as Captain Sweed looked as if he could care less."----I would take this out. Don't assume that your audience is stupid. Allow them to make this connection on their own. Having everything explained to them kind of takes the fun out of reading. People like to figure things out on their own.

"In a manner of a few minutes Xavier stood amidst carnage. His claws were dripping ruby red drops of pirates, his fur was dyed red and matted to his chest and his dark blue pants had numerous cuts and gashes showing many close calls and quick nicks."------try exchanging the word red with something different. It becomes a bit repetitive, which I do too. You know, try using crimson or something like that.

Overall, great chapter and a great read. I thoroughly had a great time reading this. I think you caught the essence of Xavier quite nicely.

Posted 15 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


Okay, I finally got around to reading this. Sorry it took so long, but I am regretting not reading it sooner. I loved it. The ending was hilarious to me and I am glad to see my own character portrayed like he is in your story. I look forward to seeing this project completed.

As great as this chapter is, I do have a few notes for you to consider.

"If you were to compare the two Captains, Captain Dust looked as if he tried very hard to keep up appearances, where as Captain Sweed looked as if he could care less."----I would take this out. Don't assume that your audience is stupid. Allow them to make this connection on their own. Having everything explained to them kind of takes the fun out of reading. People like to figure things out on their own.

"In a manner of a few minutes Xavier stood amidst carnage. His claws were dripping ruby red drops of pirates, his fur was dyed red and matted to his chest and his dark blue pants had numerous cuts and gashes showing many close calls and quick nicks."------try exchanging the word red with something different. It becomes a bit repetitive, which I do too. You know, try using crimson or something like that.

Overall, great chapter and a great read. I thoroughly had a great time reading this. I think you caught the essence of Xavier quite nicely.

Posted 15 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Cole Spire
Cole Spire

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