Act 2

Act 2

A Chapter by Andrea L. Cox

Ok so i just put all of this together and sorry for using & instead of writing the word and out.


Act 2, Scene 1:


Aiden- (Walk towards Joe & Gabe) You guys better watch out.

Joe- What?

Gabe- Are you threatening us? (Gets in Aiden's face)

Aiden- (Slams Gabe into a locker) I don't know what you guys did to her, but I will find out & The both of you will pay! (Lets go of Gabe & walks away)

Joe- We have to tell someone, jail isn't as bad as what Aiden will do to us when he finds out!

Gabe- There isn't anything to tell we didn't do anything. (Walks away from Joe, not even looking back)


Act 2, Scene 2:


Tierney- (Straddling a guy with a bunch of cuts)

Guy # 2- (breathing heavily) Tierney, I'm sorry for tripping you &...... & calling you a freak.

Tierney- (She cuts his bare chest as he screams for her to stop) And? (she runs the dull part of the blade across his cheek)

Guy # 2- & for asking you out as a joke.... Please Tierney, I'm sorry!

Tierney- (Takes a balled up sock & puts it in his mouth) Shut up..... (Runs the sharp edge of the blade down the middle of his body and listens to him scream) I Don't forgive, why else won't I die?


Act 2, Scene 3:


 (Alive Tierney & Aiden holding hands)

Aiden- I love you....

Tierney- I.... (Blood runs down her white dress)

Aiden- Tierney, Oh god. (she falls to the ground, Gabe & Joe are standing behind her with a bloody knife)

Gabe- oops. (both laugh)

Aiden- ( Body jerks upwards on Tierney's bed) They will pay. (He leaves the room, Tierney is behind the door)

Tierney- (Grins and laughs)


Act 2, Scene 4:


Cheerleader- (On cells phone) She was a total F-R-E-A-K, ya I know. That Aiden kid probably killed her. (Tierney grabs her cell phone & flings it across the room) Hey what's you problem.... (Tierney chokes her & pins her to a wall, she tries to brake free & slowly goes limp)

Joe- Hey my blonde beauty.... (gasps)

Tierney- (Looks at Joe) You will pay... (Walks out of the room)

Joe- (Falls to knees & screams)


Act 2, Scene 5:


Joe- (Sitting in a chair at the police station rocking back & forth)

Officer P.T.-Come on Joe tell me what happened? (Gabe comes in yelling where's Joe, Officer P.T. waves to Gabe)

Gabe- What happened, why is he here, & what do you want with me?!?!?

Officer P.T.- Well your friend here just watched someone die & keeps saying over & over again...

Joe- why Tierney... (Joe looks up at Gabe & jumps on him) you said no one would know! But she knows! (Joe Shakes Gabe)

Gabe- Joe calm down! Joe!

Officer P.T.- (Pulls Joe off of Gabe) OK, take him away (another officer come & takes Joe away)

Gabe- Where are you taking him?!?

Officer P.T.- The Metal-ward... Poor kid...


Act 2, Scene 6:


Joe- (Rocking back & forth in the comer of a room, Tierney dressed as a nurse enters the room) No, no, no!

Tierney- Oh calm down (walks over & sits on  a chair petting Joe's head) It's ok Joe you are a good boy, you tried to tell what happened, So you're a good boy.

Joe- You wont kill me?

Tierney- No, I'm going to kill you. It Just will be quick & painless. (Pulls up a needle) Now hold still so the needle wont hurt you.


Act 2, Scene 7:


Aiden- (Runs up to Gabe & pushes him against a wall) What did you do?!?

Gabe- (Struggles but fails to brake free) I don't know what you mean!

Aiden- Your buddy Joe is dead, & I have a feeling that not only are you next, BUT, this has something to do with Tierney! (Slams Gabe's back against the wall) Now Talk!



© 2010 Andrea L. Cox

Author's Note

Andrea L. Cox
Please forgive any grammar & spelling mistakes.

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Added on March 15, 2010
Last Updated on June 28, 2010
Tags: Horror, Drama, Short film, Death, Murder


Andrea L. Cox
Andrea L. Cox

Cape Coral, FL

I love art any kind of art, I love to write stories, but i feel my heart is more into poetry. I have been writing senses i could write words. I have been told my poetry is depressing, I don't normally.. more..

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