Act 3

Act 3

A Chapter by Andrea L. Cox

Ok this is the last act of my short film and the scenes are a little short because i was writing this act in class and the teacher kept asking me to answer questions so yeah! enjoy


Act 3, Scene 1:


Tierney- I'm bored, Oh Joe! (Dead Joe walks in) Joe my sweet, bring me Gabe. (Joe leaves) I like being in charge.


Act 3, Scene 2: 


Gabe- (Sitting on his bed sighing) I can't believe you're dead....

Joe- Hey fat boy

Gabe- (Looks up and sees Joe outside his window) But you're dead, Oh god I'm going crazy!

Joe- Oh Shut up, I am dead, your no more crazier then  yesterday!

Gabe- So what your a angel?

Joe- Yeah, (smiles) lets go with that.... Follow me.

Gabe- why?

Joe- Just follow me fat boy!


Act 3, Scene 3:


Gabe- (Walking through Tierney's front yard) Joe are you sure , Tierney killed you & is after me?

Joe- (turns around) Oh I'm sure... (smiles, Tierney taps Gabe on the shoulder)

Gabe- huh? ( Turns around Tierney  hits his head with a baseball bat)


Act 3, Scene 4:


(Gabe wakes up tied down to a chair)

Tierney- You're awake, good. (walks over to Gabe, picks up dress and straddles him) Joe, he's awake.....

Joe- (walks in with a tray of knives) Yes, Tierney. (Tierney touches each knife with her finger tips & picks a butchers knife) Very nice choice.

Gabe- Joe! I thought you were my friend!

Tierney- Oh, didn't he tell you? well Joe is dead, I brought him back to life..... So I have control. (Gets off Gabe) Now Joe kill him slowly. (Hands him the knife)

Gabe- Come on Joe don't do this! (Joe cuts his stomach, & then his legs. Gabe screams in pain)



Act 3, Scene 5:


Aiden- (Banning on a door) Open up Teal! I know you're there! (the from door opens) Teal? (enters)

Teal- What do you want Aiden? (teal is no where to be seen)

Aiden- Tierney was your sister, you have to help.

Teal- Firstly we are half sisters, & Secondly I don't have to do anything! (Aiden punches the wall, teal gasps) Fine, but you don't know what your getting yourself into.


Act 3, Scene 6:


Tierney- Joe! (Joe enters bedroom dragging Gabe's body) Good boy, now put him with the rest. (Points to a pile of bodies & lays down on a bed) Oh Joe, just a few more & I'll be alive.... again.

Joe- Anyone you have in mind? (Sits on edge of the bed)

Tierney- Yes.... I do... (stares up at the ceiling) Grab my coat, we're going on a field trip.


Act 3, Scene 7:


(Teal sitting crossed legged on a table)

Aiden- You really believe in, (picks up sage & smells it with disgust) this stuff?

Teal- It's not stuff, it's a art form.... Don't touch that!

Aiden- (Aiden pulls hand back) So... What are you doing?

Teal- (smirks) I'm trying to find.... Tierney? (opens eyes & door flings opened)

Tierney- You know,I never believe in your "Arts" till now. Joe! (Joe walks in with a tray of needles)You see, I'm dead & only the ones close to death can see me.... why I don't know.

Teal- Aiden watch out! (Aiden looks at Teal Confused)

Tierney- Oh he can't see me..... But guess who can?

Teal- What do you want?

Aiden- Ok, I'm confused? (Tierney nods head towards Aiden, Joe grabs him) What the?

Tierney- Are you going to come or am I going to have to play Doctor with you?


Act 3, Scene 8:


Aiden- (Aiden sitting on Tierney's bed tied up) What's going on Teal... Tierney?

Tierney- Yes, Aiden it's me... (Puts hand on Aiden's cheek softly)

Aiden- I have missed you so much. (Kisses her hand, she smiles & then frowns)

Tierney- Good bye.... (stabs Aiden in the gut & it goes through him to Teal on  the other side)



Act 3, Scene 9:


(Tierney, Aiden & Teal alive sitting in the living room. Mother enters)

Mother- Tierney go to the store & get somethings for me..... Now!

Tierney- Ok, be right back. (Aiden kisses her hand as she leaves)

Teal- Hurry back before I steal him. (every one laughs)

(Tierney returns & see Aiden and Teal kissing)

Joe- Why did you kill Aiden?

Tierney- I don't like to share with others....





© 2010 Andrea L. Cox

Author's Note

Andrea L. Cox
Please forgive my grammar and spelling.

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Added on March 15, 2010
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Tags: Horror, Murder, Ghost, Death, Sisters


Andrea L. Cox
Andrea L. Cox

Cape Coral, FL

I love art any kind of art, I love to write stories, but i feel my heart is more into poetry. I have been writing senses i could write words. I have been told my poetry is depressing, I don't normally.. more..

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