A Chapter by Beckuuuh Grossack

October Thirty First, Two Thousand Ten

Dear Diary, 

It was halloween last night. And it has officially become my least favorite day of the year.

For starts. I had a horrible fight with Peter. The coldness in his voice. Was heart breaking. I never want to hear it again, especially if its being aimed towards me. It was over the stupidity of my phone ringing right when we were going to give into each other. Encase it was indeed my last night alive. I think most of his anger was cause he hasn't had sex in a while. My life savings I bet that he will be a happy camper once we do actually do it again. 

But then I walk out and go with Jess, Greg and Nico to some party. And get kidnapped to help from bitchzilla back from hell. So apart from having a fight with my fiancée I got part of my soul ripped out to help someone I loath. And as much as I know I can talk to Peter about this or even Sammy. I can't. 

I'm now completely freaked out. About the ritual why I have a heart beat. wondering if I am now human. If so Peter had his soul removed and he is still a vampire. Will I age and die? What happened to my baby girl. Is she okay? Did the ritual affect her? Peter says if something did and I did have a mischarge. We could try again once we are married. But I don't have to. I want my little girl. I don't know what I would do if she was gone. I've only been pregnant know for three months but she is mine. There is also if she is okay. And those pains start happening again. Then she would be gone for sure.. I can't even go there. She has to be okay. She just has to, Sammy wouldn't have know what she was if she wasn't.. I hope. 

Gah I need sleep..

Forever in thought, Christina

© 2012 Beckuuuh Grossack

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Added on May 15, 2012
Last Updated on May 15, 2012
Tags: diary, christina, sad, halloween, hell, Caroline


Beckuuuh Grossack
Beckuuuh Grossack

Oakland Gardens, NY

ok so here to about me: im weird, love to talk to my besties and etc etc etc blah blah blah ;) so wanna be a filmmaker/editor when i get older. and just resently that i can actully write soz ima use t.. more..